How to make money while Travelling

How to make money while Travelling.

Is that even possible? To make money while you are enjoying visiting the top tourist destinations in the country?

Let me tell you how.

There are a means to save and earn money to fund your future travels by simply setting aside a minimum amount of at least P1,000 monthly. This “savings” will earn more than your bank’s annual interest.

The basics

Let’s say that your net income every month is P15,000. From that, you deduct your monthly apartment/room rental of P4,000, you spend at least P2,000 for your supplies, you pay P1,000 for your mobile subscription, and you send at least another P1,000 to your parents in the province.  You still have P7,000 left. Let’s say you will spare the other P1,000 for your “earn while traveling investment“. You still have P6,000 left in your pocket.

I don’t know if my example is realistic. But at least we have a “budgeting” scheme to follow, in order for your to save regularly. We are going to target P1,000/month savings to a program that we will call bond fund, under your “earn while traveling investment” target.



Philam Bond Fund

In Philam Asset Management Inc., there is a program or facility called Bond Fund. In this “savings/investment” program, all you need to do is open an account through a Financial Advisor with a minimum amount of P5,000.

Take note that you are not limited to just P5,000. You may increase these initial investment depending on the cash available.

To attain this, let’s say you are going to cancel your 3D2N “Visit Malaysia” travel in the last quarter of 2016, in order to start an investment program that will eventually fund more travels ahead of you.

Upon opening a Bond Fund account with Philam, the next steps should be your regular savings of at least P1,000 per month.

If done religiously, at the end of the year you will have a total of P16,000 total investment. Your P5,000 initial investment plus P11,000 in the next 11 months.

What’s next?

There are lots of materials on the internet to read about Philam Bond Fund. You can watch YouTube videos about it, just key in “bond fund” in the search box.

But I strongly suggest that you visit http://bit.ly/_BondFund

In addition, I’d like you to watch this video comparison about Savings vs Investing.

Philam’s Fund Investment Calculator

In Philam’s website, you will find this Fund Investment Calculator. You can simulate how much your regular “investment” will turn out in six years.

You can try it here.


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