Corregidor – A tour by foot

Here at PinoyTravelBlog, we’ve already shared a lot of moments we had at Corregidor Island. We’ve already showed you how historically rich the place is, how worthy it is to see the Lights and Sounds show in a tunnel and some activities you can try to make your weekend getaway more “sulit”.

To add twist to the one of the most visited Island in the Philippines, we decided to walk around the tourist destination spots in Corregidor. We’re somehow prepared on how to take a tour within the island. First thing we did was took a ferry transfer reservation via Sun Cruises Philippines, this was our ticket to and fro Corregidor and Manila. Then, we had a room reserved for overnight stay at the Corregidor Inn; the twin/double bed which is good for 2 is P2000 and comes with breakfast. Packed our bags with extra shirts, shorts and towels, plus making sure that our photo gear was all charged up, we headed up to the North and the fun started.


Since we’re not part of any tour package, wherein we have to join group of people boarding the tour bus (more to me like a cable car), we talked to the local tour guides and told them the only package we paid for (FT and Overnight stay), and they are nice enough that they told us we should be heading to the hotel and check if there’s an available room we can avail, even though the actual check in time is 2:00pm. Since we were 5 hours early than the the check in time, we still took the courage to ask if we can check in earlier than their usual check in time, and viola! They allowed us to check in without extra charge.

CorregidorInn Facade

After having breakfast and few hours of rest, we started walking. Shall we say that we underestimated the distance of each tourist site, since we only have our map and guts to take the road and find ourselves to the right destination, the road looks endless and it was indeed a long walk…I call it hiking on concrete road.

The Map

Our 'endless' road

It was a 4-5hours walk at the island’s Topside and we must take pride of it since we were able to reach (almost) all the spots where tourist also go to, and spend more time taking pictures without worrying for a bell to ring, as a sign that “hey! it’s time to leave”. At the same time, we were able to spend few more minutes at each Batteries in the island, like Battery Way and Battery Hearn, took some time to be amazed at the Middle Side Barracks, Mile Long Barracks, and talked to some locals and facilities at Pacific War Memorial and Eternal Flame of Freedom. We also get to experience how creepy some places are, and add up some ghost stories we can share our kids…yes there are some “unknown presence” in some areas (take it from someone who doesn’t believe!). We don’t mean to scare anyone, but it adds thrill to the whole trip.

Middleside Barracks

Well, we just hope they invest more on their map, instead of just a piece of white bond paper with all confusing the legends and marks everywhere, making traveler who will walk around the island like us, will have this “we’re screwed” and “I think we’re really lost” kind of feeling. Since it’s our own discretion to walk around the area without a tour guide, it would still help if there’s like a station where we can rent a bike for the whole day. Looks like it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) here if one should insist to tour around in two wheels.

After the fun walk we had the first day, we went to the Beach Resort Complex the next morning. There, people can rent a tent for P500 per night or bring your own tent, food to grill and they also serve some dishes. Now, that’s another cheap option to spend a night at Corregidor.

Beach Front

We also went to Filipino Heroes Memorial and Japanese Memorial Garden; that’s another 2-3 hours walk, so we would like to thank the cables driver for hitch hiking us on our way back to the hotel. Meanwhile, to those who have brave souls can also join the Ghost Hunting adventure, which includes visit at the Malinta Tunnel North entrance, and Hospital tour with 1000 hospital beds.

Japanese Garden

We capped the Corregidor walk adventure with Light Show at Malinta Tunnel. That helped us understand and appreciate more the beauty of the island.

Light Show at Malinta Tunnel

See, walking around Corregidor made us feel that we’re not a foreigner in our own country and we get to have a fulfilling adventure by foot. Tiring but it’s worth every step. The island is not just famous for its huge cannons and history, it should make people realize how many conquerors and defenders fought and died for what we call Freedom. We’re reaping what they sow; it won’t hurt to appreciate and not abuse it.

Total expense (Per person on weekday rate):
(overnight stay) Twin/ Double with Breakfast for two – Php2,000.00
Ferry Transfers Weekday Rate – Php1,250.00
(Lunch) Sugbahan Platter – Php339.66
Extra Rice – Php23
Total: Php3612.66

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  • Gusto ko rin i-try ang DIY Trip sa Corregidor. Clarification lang, the 2k room is good for 2. It means 1k each giving a total of 2,612.66 per person. Tama ba? Thanks Raffy! 🙂