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Bone and Barrel Bistro; house of flavored beer in Libis

Libis area is filled with lots of restaurants and bars to hang out after office hours. But if you have been frequenting the place and you are used to the usual place you dine and drink your beer, you have to try this barely new bistro. The place is located in the former Heaven and Eggs.

We are referring to Bone and Barrel Bistro, the new beer-drinking place after work with their sizzling bulalo to match your dining experience.

The new dining experience is the brainchild of Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo. Bone and Barrel Bistro or BBB is a sister company of the restaurant the let us enjoy the “national boodle fight” last September, the Blackbeard’s Seafood Island. This is the latest addition to the growing list of companies which is headed by Red Crab.

So last night, we were invited once again by Ms. Audrey and Xchosa to try out the place and to experience the real “putok batok” food served and created by celebrity Chef Peter Ayson, Chef Neil Manuel and Raymund Magdaluyo.


At BBB the best core products you can find in the menuare  are tapas, stakes and, bulalo of course! And so far the best sellers includes Mignon Skewers, Sirlion Tapa, homemade Corned Beef Stake that is so tender, and you should try the Manolo’s Bulalo ala Pobre.


For the beer fanatics, you must try their flavoured beers.


Flavored beer cost only P85 or almost USD1.9. There are 10 flavors to choose from and out of the 10 we liked the Green Apple flavor but the Salted Caramel taste good too!

  • Salted Caramel Beer
  • Elder Flower Beer
  • Wilberry Beer
  • Raspberry Beer
  • Pomegranate Beer
  • Strawberry Beer
  • Kiwi Beer
  • Green Apple Beer
  • Watermelon Beer
  • Cucumber Beer

If you want to try a different kind of gastronomic experience, refreshing drinks like cocktails, shakes, mixed hard drinks including the flavored beer, you and your friends should try Bone and Barrel Bisto.

Bone and Barrel Bistro, Ground Floor, EastWood CityWalk


For more details you can check out BBB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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