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Hot Air Balloon Fest is now The Philippine Friendship Balloon Festival 2014

As we reported this several weeks ago, the PIHAB or the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fest is no longer pushing through. Well, that was initially correct. Because the original team who is behind the fest is no longer doing it.

Today, DOT in partnership with Philippine Exhibits and Themeparks Corporation (PETCO), launched The Philippine Friendship Balloon Festival 2014. This will be  the new version of the annual balloon festival and was launched by the DOT Region III Director Ronnie Tiotuico .


Tiotuico said that the the tradition must continue and its legacy. DOT also shared that the festival was originally started by the department but later on it was transferred to another group which is the group of Captain Joy Roa, I supposed.

A reliable source also told Pinoytravelblog that the group of Capt. Joy Roa is organizing the same event but it will be held in another place. And, Roa’s group will still bring the Brietling Team to peform.

Tiotuico added that with the cancellation of the PIHABF, the DOT will officially take over and continue the festivities.

Philippine Friendship Balloon Festival 2014 will be held on April 10 – 13, 2014.



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