Malaysia 2.0, Kuala Lumpur 1.0; Highlights – Air Asia Zest, Tune Hotels KL

We’ve long waited for this trip! Yep! That’s right, it started with the Piso sale offered by AirAsia, which Azrael and me booked a flight (Clark – KL – Clark). Few days later, we encouraged Enzo to join us since Zest Air has offered Piso sale too. The AirAsia PISO (Php1) offer was then cancelled because AirAsia has to suspend flying from Clark to Kuala Lumpur. They offered to refund, but we requested ZestAir if our tickets can be transferred to them, during this time ZestAir has been acquired already by AirAsia. Our request was granted, but another blow came along – the airline was suspended by CAAP on our scheduled flight.  That was the long story cut short.

On September 21, one day before we fly to Malaysia, ZestAir announced its new re-branding, their new name will be Air Asia Zest.

This Malaysia trip is exciting as we did not really plan to have a formal itinerary. Azrael researched about top tourist destinations in KL, but when we arrived in our Hotel, (Tune Hotels KL is our sponsor for the accommodation) , we started tweeting one of the famous blogger in Malaysia – Rebecca Saw of http://www.rebeccasaw.com/. The tweet was spontaneous, we were not expecting that we will meet up with Becky. So, after  checked in at Tune Hotels KL, we washed up and proceeded to  meeting place. We then proceeded to Publika (a mall that looks likes Rockwell) in Batu, 15-minutes away from hour hotel.

We meet local artists and Malaysian bloggers as well! They were so cool and kind as we are! We visited and did  a quick food tasting at Swich Cafe, where they offer special and unique cakes! (Durian and Mangosteen cakes should not be missed here).
By the way, to our friends in KL, they are having a KL Restaurant Week 2013 here! Check Becky’s story here.

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So the first day was really exciting and spontaneous. It was more challenging ever because we had to travel by ourselves to a country that is new to us. Altough Azrael and Enzo has been here for the inaugural flight of ZestAir couple of months ago, that trip was kind of a junket, all has been arranged. This time, we had to do it ourselves. And it was totally different!

Malaysia 2.0 because this is my second time in Malaysia, the first time was in KK, and Kuala Lumpur 1.0 because this is my first time in this city.

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We’d like to thank Tune Hotels KL for our free accommodation in this trip.

Laugh with us as we enjoy this #lostinmalaysia trip, check out Azrael Video Blog here:

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