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Traveling is a way to break the daily work routine. At the same time, exploring a place or a city is not just to update one’s social media status but also for memory keepsake. In every place people go to, one thing will always be in one’s bag: a camera. Nowadays, it’s easier to capture places and faces, since phones are also a great device to take photos.

So before shooting in a travel photo walk and start exploring with your photo gear, there are some things one might want to check first:

1. Check the weather. Is it going to rain today? Will it be scorching hot in the area? Wherever that may be, before planning a photo walk, make sure you’re dressed up for the weather.

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2. Always have a spare battery. Just to be safe and make sure that one will never run out of power to capture everything their eyes desire. For those who use their phone or digital camera in taking pictures during their photo walks, make sure that the device is properly charged.

3. Never forget an extra memory card!

4. Learn the place you want to be at. Check Google Maps for must see place and be familiar with street names or landmarks, so if you get lost, it will be easier for you to get back from where you came from.

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5. Have an extra shirt and a towel. You will need something that will make you feel refreshed after a long photo walk.

6. Always bring water on your photo walks. This will keep you hydrated and will save you some cash too!

7. Some extra cash in your pocket. There are places, like parks in which you have to pay for entrance fees, so a little cash in your pocket will be really helpful.

8. A good pair of shoes. Wear something that will make you feel comfortable and “will not give up on you” at the middle of your walk.

9. Put all essentials in a sturdy bag. Invest on a good bag where it will prevent your device from more dusts or moist (and from someone who would want to slash it off).

10. Learn to be invisible! If you’re walking in the street to take pictures, you don’t want to capture everyone’s attention with your expensive camera or photo gear. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, if you want to go home safe from a photo walk. This kind of trip requires one to look rugged, and not too flashy.


11. Lastly, have the enthusiasm to learn and enjoy. Capture simple things, grab the opportunity to learn about the place in every walk, and just shoot the day away!

It’s okay to use your precious camera anywhere and capture the beauty of a certain place. Start with exploring the streets near your home or the park that is a 3 jeepney ride from your office and the next thing you know, you’re already exploring the Philippines and capturing its beauty. You might want to check out some photography groups in the country like Camera Club of the Philippines, Pinoy Photography Org or Nikon Club Philippines, since these organization usually invite their members for some photo walks in different places.

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