Home Dining Away from Home

home diningWhen you set out to travel, a huge deal of your pre-departure preparation goes into planning your “eat”inerary for the duration of your stay. You may want to immerse yourself in the culture of cities and countries that you will visit. For many of us, food is actually a gateway to a society’s culture as food choices and habits explain a great deal about how these societies function. This being a priority, you can always be on the lookout for ways to enhance your dining experience. You may opt  to do an extensive research about the local cuisine, the favourite dishes of the locals and tourists alike and the must-try restaurants and local eateries that are highly rated on travel sites or recommended by fellow travellers. More often than not, you can enjoy the food culture this way, however you may be left with a nagging feeling as to whether you will have a genuine experience or whether it was a mere touristy thing to do since it is highly recommended by other tourists after all. Also you may feel ripped off by the overpriced meals.

To search for a more authentic dining experience wherein you could actually sit down and eat with locals, you may take advantage various social networking. As the name implies, this social site allows you to have a home dining experience with locals. In other words it allows you to home dine with new interesting friends. Anyway, any of this site connects you to a number of hosts throwing a house get-together with local cuisines, new friends and maybe a cooking class if you get lucky. These sites are pretty easy to navigate for location and dates. Some of these sites needed your Facebook account to register. For even further accessibility, you can even download and access via mobile app.

As a token of appreciation for their efforts, some hosts may require guests to chip in by way of money to be paid in advance securely transferred via online money transfer or by bringing a dish for potluck depending on the theme of the party. Regardless, you can be sure to enjoy authentic home-cooked dining experiences with new friends in the place you are visiting. In fact, the cost is usually just a fraction of what it would cost you in a restaurant otherwise.

It is highly recommend that you should at least substitute one of your dine out plans with a hosted party not just to eat with locals but also to get a chance to mingle and have a conversation with a more locally connected crowd. You may be in Barcelona, at a paella making party or in Italy dishing out pizza to your newly made Italian friend, it is no doubt an easy and safe way to eat with locals.


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  • nick

    great site! looks cool

    • archiedelara

      Yes Nick… Try the HomeDine site and get to connect with fellow foodies in your area.