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Photo: Greenbelt 5 Pano shot

In the shopping centers owned by the Ayala, Greenbelt belongs to the high end series. The mall has been there since the 90’s, but it has added the latest mall called Greenbelt 5.

If you are from Makati, Greenbelt might the regular premium shopping center you frequently visit. It has the expensive coffee shops that shoppers hang out, you name it – Starbucks, Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf, Seatles’s Best, Cafe Havana, Figaro, Cafe Briton, Gonuts Donuts Cafe, Kopi Roti, and many more.

Yesterday, after our meeting at Seatles Best, while going back to the car park, I was moved to take this panoramic shot of Greenbelt 5.
Greenbelt 3

Please click to enlarge image.

Photo is taken by iPod Touch 5th Gen. I love how iPod Touch, iPhones take panoramic shot, just pan your camera and the stitching part is done by the iOS. Unlike the other smartphones that you need to be careful, iOS device does the Pano shot quite easy. You don’t need to be a good photographer. 😉

Here’s another shot.

You see, Makati has still trees and you find it in the Greenbelt.

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