TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: What camera do you bring on your travel?

Its just occurred to me, what camera do you really bring during travel either it is business, pleasure, personal, or emergency travel?

We can’t deny it that all of us really like to document the places we visit, the people we meet, the restaurant where we dine, and other interesting subject we see in our travel destinations.

And the latest lingo that the Internet peeps are using recently – “Selfie”, no need for a photographer, a self portrait which is then posted in your favorite social media network.

Two years go, DSLR makers was able to bring down prices of their entry level models making it very affordable to consumers. You can immediately spot at least six out of 10 tourist in a park carrying a digital SLR. But this year the trend slowed down, this is because the smartphones manufacturers have introduced a more powerful camera. Smartphones has become an all-in-one gadget for consumers. Imagine a gadget that replaces your MP3 player, the same gadget that lets you call and text, the same piece of technology that lets you send and receive e-mails, and most of all, it lets you take photos, good photos if you have budget for the higher end smartphones that has high resolution camera.

Do you consider the weight of the camera? Entry level DSLR cameras are light weight but that is if you bring your basic “kit”, but if you are into a serious photography, you might have other gears to go with your DSLR. I’m sure you have external flash, few more extra lenses, battery grip, filters and a lot more. Or do you still trust your 10MP digital camera which is really compact and can fit in any pocket in your bag, or you are the modern traveller that bring smartphone to take photos.


How about you dear readers, what camera do you bring during your travel? Do you still carry your DSLR? Or you stick to the device that really do the job specifically – your digital camera, or you just bring your smartphones and document your travel and then upload it to your Facebook or Instagram.

Will you let us know your thoughts? Can you leave in the comments section of what camera do you bring your travel?

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  • Lauren Jones

    It is very important to take with something while traveling. If anyone forgets to take such a thing it will hinder his general activities. Can you post more essential things?