Inside the new Glorietta 2, Makati City

The old Glorietta 2 is gone, if you visit the new mall today. You will not see any resemblance of the old mall. Since I frequent the mall recently and was playing with my Blackberry Z10, I snapped few photos inside. So here it is, your New Glorietta.


The New Glorietta has really fresh look, new layout, the inside part has lots of space for shops, fast food chains, coffee shops and the old stores at the ParkSuare 2 has moved to the third floor of the New Glorietta.

Outside the New Glorietta is the Holiday Inn hotel. Several restaurants were also situated next to the hotel, plus the old location of the National Bookstore has been retained.

This is inside Glorietta 2 which is now called the New Glorietta.



We took these photos at around 2PM on a regular working day. You will notice that less shoppers are inside the mall.





How about you, have you been to the New Glorietta recently?

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