Can you identify which church is this?

Our country is one of the most religious country in the world, witness to that are the churches erected here and there. There are even cities or municipalities that has more than one church.

I have been out of town recently and taking photos of churches is really inspiring. And I guess in my future travels, I would not miss dropping by each town and look for the church there and just document its structure, take photos, and post it here at Philippine Travel Blog.

As a starter, here’s one that we took in our very recent trip.


Can you identify which church is this?

Here’s another angle.


I have a little clue – the former DILG Secretary came from this place but, they have five churches in this city, can you identify which one is this?



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  • Basilica Minore de Pe├▒afrancia in Naga City ­čÖé

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