FiliBeans Coffee intros Malunggay Frappe, first in the Philippines

Earlier this year around January, we had a quick lunch in Leslie’s in Tagaytay. This is the best time where temperature in Tagaytay is perfect for Bulalo for lunch. After our sumptuous lunch, we noticed this little coffee shop inside Leslie’s compound, it is called FiliBeans with its slogan “The Filipino Coffee Destination”. Read our initial article in this post.


In case you haven’t been to Leslie’s in Tagaytay, it has the perfect panoramic view of the volcano, a very relaxing place to dine and this time to have coffee at FiliBeans.

You have to visit to experience this view. Photos above were taken just two days ago when we witnessed the launching of FiliBeans’ Malunggay Frappe.

A Frappe with Malunggay? Are you kidding me? FiliBeans might a be small and cute coffee shop which was born out of a little project of the Tres Lolas, I don’t know how they coined the term “lolas” because if you look at these fine pretty ladies, they don’t look like they are grannies at all!


FiliBeans Tres Lolas – Ms. Menju L. Castillo, Ms. Nini S. Veloso and Ms. Cecile C. Quintos.

Out of this little project which initially offers coffee drinks, they now have Malunggay Frappe, a new addition to their menu. This is aside from the Alamid Coffee they have been serving in partnership with Bote Central.

Malunggay Frappe costs P150 only, it is served in a super huge glass which you see in the photo above.

Ms. Menju Castillo in photo above introducing the new Malunggay Frappe.

FiliBeans serves both hot and cold Filipino coffee selections like Tres Machos Barako, Arabikang Cordillera, Espresso ni Mang Tonyo, and Kape Alamid. It has its regular blends like Kape Amerikano, Cappucino, but you have to taste its cold coffee specialty called Tres Lolas Special.

Alamid Coffee is something that caught our attention, also called as civet coffee, it refers to the beans of coffee berries that were eaten and excreted by the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus). And it is a premium coffee, its not cheap! We will have a separate story about Alamid Coffee and its local folks who discovered it in the Philippines! Yes, we had a exclusive meet up with Mr. Basil and Vie Reyes!

FiliBeans offers Alamid Coffee for P250/cup. If you wish to take home some, they have this sachets for P180/pack, it makes two servings.

Meantime, if you are going to Tagaytay for a coffee or a short visit, you should not miss this Filipino brand – FiliBeans! Im sure it wont hurt your pocket and it will even help local brand.

Im sure you will be delighted if these staff are the one serving you with hot Alamid Coffee at FiliBeans, right?

And, don’t miss to take your photos at these “tree of life” inside the coffee shop.

FiliBeans contact details:
Facebook –¬†https://www.facebook.com/filibeans/info
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/filibeans
Contact No. (02) 812 1980

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