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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Vacation Home

If the rat race or life’s hustle and bustle is wearing you out, naturally, you would want to get away. If a family get-together is long overdue, going somewhere to strengthen the bond is perhaps in order. Whatever your reason for going on vacation, a change in surroundings every once in a while is good for the overall well-being.

renting a vacation home

And if you want to get the best value for each buck, you might want to consider renting a vacation home for your next vacation. This will save you more money than if you booked a hotel room. Moreover, you get to cook your own meals and you’ll have more space to move about – that’s important, especially if you’re traveling with a huge group of friends or with every living and breathing entity from your mom’s side of the family.

So if you find yourself sold on the idea of renting a vacation home, here is a quick guide on how to choose the best vacation home rental:

#1. Pick popular places.

If you choose famous destinations where vacation rentals have sprouted like mushrooms, you’re more likely to strike a good deal because they will keep their prices competitive. In the U.S., top sites for vacation rentals are California, Florida and Hawaii, to name a few. In the Philippines, top tourist destinations abound with vacation homes, too.

#2. Keep a keen eye on photos.

When browsing through vacation rental homes on a website, look closely at the pictures. Some may tend to deceive. Every listing must include a lot of interior and exterior photos of the home.

Also, look out for closed window shades. This may indicate bad lighting or the fact that they’re keeping something out of sight. Scrutiny is the operative word here.

#3. Sign paperwork before sending money.

Scammers abound wherever you go. They’re as profuse as beads of sweat on a wrestler’s back. Exercise caution when closing deals with people you hardly know. It’s always wise to investigate and check their background. Ask for references, if possible.

Your best bet would be to transact with reputable companies such as Branson Vacation Rentals (if you find yourself looking for a place to rent in the Branson side of Missouri, USA). They generally have agents who take care of the paperwork which includes all the legal details you need. If you choose to rent directly from the homeowner, there has to at least be a lease for you to sign.

#4. Always read the fine print.

How many times have you gotten yourself in trouble in the past for skipping this important task? Go through the details listed, and don’t be afraid to ask when in doubt about anything. You might want to ask about cancellation policies or if you get your deposit back if you must leave early.

Fully understanding what you’re getting yourself into will spare you a massive headache later on.

Final word

Vacations are meant to relax you, and not stress you out. While “go where the wind blows” sounds like a proposition to try at least once in this lifetime, remember that preparation still is the secret sauce to success. If you want that dream vacation to become a reality, take the time to look around for a nice vacation home to rent.

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