PH Tourists must see Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. No kidding

Thank you so much to Zest Airways for putting up your flights to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Book your flights to Zest Air website. http://www.flyzest.com/. The daily flights to these two Malaysian destinations is a must destinations for Pinoy. This will let you get first hand information about the the country, appreciate its tourist destinations, be amazed of their culture, and just have fun in our neighbor country. Kota Kinabalu or KK City is just two-hour flight from NAIA Terminal 4 (formerly known as Manila Domestic Airport).

The author with freelance photographer and writer Ferds Decena, http://www.ferdzdecena.com/, and the welcoming team of Tourism Malaysia.
Two flights took off NAIA Terminal 4 on May 10. Two teams enjoyed Malaysia for three days. Team Kuala Lumpur were composed of bloggers, guests and passengers on its maiden flight to KL. Team Kota Kinabalu on the other hand were composed of travel and lifestyle bloggers together with the Philippine’s ICON in the music industry Jim Paredes of Apo Hiking Society and his wife Lydia, guests, PR headed by Andrea of Fleishman-Hillard Manila and Ms. Genefer Tan of Air Asia.

We were welcomed by Tourism of Malaysia with all the garlands, banners and a bunch of warm people very similar to Pinoy.

Zest Air Kota Kinabalu

Team Kota were composed of Iris of PinayAds.com, Earth of Earthlingorgeous.com, Ruth of Ruthilicious.blogspot.com, Marjorie of Letsgosago.net, Sharma Joy of Frameless World, Guada Lajara of Adaphobic.com, Jim and Lydia Paredes, Melo Villareal of Outoftownblog.com, Ferds Decena of Ironwulf.net, and JM Bueno of Kumagcow.com.

Kota Kinabalu is a peaceful and orderly place to visit. In our brieft 3-day stay in the city, I have seen Police only at the airport, no traffic enforcer manning the streets, the traffic lights are enough to control the traffic. The malls has no security guards, anybody is welcome to shop and hang around.

Like Manila, Sabah is a multi-cultured place, there are lots of Muslims, Chinese, Islams, Pinoy, Koreans, Singaporeans and add to that the 32 Tribes that includes Bajau’s of the Philippines. We will tell you more about our super adventure tour in Sabah in a separate post. 😉

But I tell you, it is safe to go visit Sabah. Staying in KK City is like staying home. And if you are the person who likes to swim, do snorkelling, diving, mountain climbing, this is haven for you. If you look at Sabah’s map, you will find lots of diving sites!

Meantime, here’s Zest Air flight schedule to Malaysia.






Z2850 Manila Kuala Lumpur  6:45A 10:25A
Z2851 Kuala Lumpur Manila 10:55A  2:35P
Z2501* Manila Kota Kinabalu  9:35A 11:35A
Z2502* Kota Kinabalu Manila 12:00N  2:00P
Z2330 Manila Bacolod 12:00N  1:05P
Z2331 Bacolod Manila  1:30O  2:30P

All flights are daily except for Manila – Kota Kinabalu – Manila which is every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

Zest Air carries passengers to Malaysia on Airbus 320 with a seating capacity of up to 180. Currently, the airline has a fleet of 10 Airbus 320, 1 Airbus 319 and 4 MA-60’s.  Zest Air and Air Asia lands to KK Airport Terminal 2.

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