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Finding cheap flights? Try it now with SkyScanner!

Trave blogging is fun as to finding cheap flights to each dream destinations specially this Summer time! We met with the representative of this Scotland-based company who has a localized version of their website to cater to the travelling Pinoys.


You see, I would book my travels directly to the airline’s website to make sure it is legit. I don’t like to get into trouble later knowing I spent my hard-earned money on an online scam or something.

That perspective was changed when we were invited personally by SkyScanner last Saturday over lunch in Serendra at The Fort in Taguig. You will be as happy as I am now specially that the one overseeing the PH operations in a Filipina.

SkyScanner is a search engine for airline tickets and online travel agencies including car rentals without having to charge you a single cent. You don’t have to create your account at the website, you simply search for the cheapest flights and booking will be fulfilled at the airline’s or travel agencie’s website.

SkyScanner is now present in more than 20 countries worldwide, each country has a localized version so that it would be easy to pay in each own currency. For the Philippines they have

It is available in all platforms – Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows!
To make it more useful and accessible by everybody, SkyScanner is available in all kind of platform – they got the usual way, via their website but for those who has smartphones, you can download the apps wether you are in iOS, Android, Blackberry or even with Microsoft smartphones! All apps can be downloaded for free.

The advantage is so clear – check the cheapest air fare on one page only, you dont have to hop in to different airline’s website to find your best flight ever. Skyscanner will take care of that.

So next time you plan for a vacation, check out SkyScanner first! Its easy to use and it loads fast too.

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