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I joined the Myworld2015 online survey, a UN initiated project

A friend asked us to join a little online survey called My World – a UN and its partners initiated survey. They ask you to tick six out of sixteen questions.

They aim to get the top six issues which we think would make the most difference to our lives. Quickly, we did it and here is our result.

By going to and you will be presented the survey immediately. You can read information from the site if you want to know and dig a little bit better of what it is really all about.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 6.01.15 PM

Here is how it works:

MY World asks individuals which six of sixteen possible issues they think would make the most difference to their lives. The sixteen issues have been built up following an extensive analysis and consultation exercise:

  • The survey was designed as an options survey, rather than an ‘open question’ survey because MY World’s particular purpose within the UN’s wider global consultation effort about post-2015 is to offer insights about people’s priorities.
  • An initial list of twenty four issues was drawn up from a variety of important sources, including participatory research, polling, civil society inputs , the Millennium Development Goals and plans for Sustainable Development Goals. The options were then refined to sixteen choices through numerous rounds of consultations, with NGOs, policy makers, academics, UN staff and expert opinion polling companies. The survey has also been tested on pilot groups, and through an SMS survey in Uganda to ensure that the sixteen options are comprehensive and appropriate.
  • To capture any recurring themes which may have been missed, participants can also enter their own priority through an additional ‘add your own option’ choice.
  • The MY World survey cannot cover everything that is important to citizens because not all problems can be tackled through global goals. However, the range of priorities that goals could address and which we know are important to people, have been included.

If you want to join and let your voice heard, you can go and click this link.

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