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Find great places to stay in AsiaPac via Travelmob

Travelmob, a social marketplace similar to AirBNB but focus more in the Asia Pacific market held a press conference in Makati, Philippines to introduce their services to the Philippine market – both for travellers and for the entrepreneurial minds to become “hosts”.

Travelmob executives: L: Turuchas "T" Fuad, CEO, R: Pashant "PK" Kirtane, CTO

Travelmob executives: L: Turuchas “T” Fuad, CEO, R: Pashant “PK” Kirtane, CTO

Founder and executives of Travelmob came from IT industry, Turochas “T” Fuad, CEO & Co-Founder of Travelmob came from KDDI and Skype Asia, while Prashant Kirtane, CTO and Co-Founder came from Yahoo! India, 12 years as engineer in Yahoo!


A social marketplace where travelling people can locate and book unique places owned by local “hosts” in AsiaPacific. Also known as consumer peer-to-peer rental market which has a potential of USD 26M income. Website like Travelmob caters to business travellers, family or group tours, couples, expats-in-transition, medical travellers, corporate retreats, and back packers.

Travelmob is the middle man for the travellers and for the business partners called hosts. Hosts can range fron house boat, cozy apartment, single room, swanky loft, or comfy sofa bed. If you wanna be a “host”, you can rent your vacant space by offering your property to travelmob either for long term, or short term rentals. Pretty much like what AirBNB is offering, only that Travelmob caters to Asia Pacific market.

Check our story about AirBNB in this link.

According to Travelmob, the fastest growing travel market in the world is Sout East Asia, it is also the strongest sub-region with 15% year on year growth in visitor numbers. It is expected that travel bookings to hit USD357B this year.

Travelmob shared that the Philippines is ranked 3rd in terms of top destinations on Travelmob in SEA. As of today, Travelmob top favorited destinations includes HK and Singapore. Popular search tag includes “budget”, “group” and “central”.

The social marketplace recently launched a program called Last Minute Deals. Because half of bookings in travelmob occur in the same month of travel, average lead time is less than a week. A very Pinoy trait. 😀 You can read more about the last minute deals in this link.

Listing of property of Travelmob is free. They take 12% from the guest, and 3% from the host. Validating hosts includes calling, emailing, and visiting the hosts. Payment to the host 24h after check out.

Payment can be made via Paypal, Mastercard, and VISA. They also have team of Customer Care one of them is a Tagalog-speaking girl based in Singapore.

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