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Explore Baguio: Side trip to Mt. Sto Tomas, Baguio’s highest peak

Our recent trip to Baguio for the 2013 Panagbenga Festival was kind of unique. After coming back to Baguio for the nth time, we were still surprised that there are tourist destinations that will make drop our jaw and say wow!

On our last day of our 3-day Benguet-Baguio Appreciation Tour courtesy of Sun Cellular and Azalea Residences, our tour guide Lakbay Baguio, brought us to the highest peak in Baguio – Mt. Sto. Tomas.

Mt. Sto. Tomas is a mountain range where local folks does farming or famous vegetables in Baguio. Standing on top of this location brings you a 360˚ degree view of the entire Baguio.

We will post more photos but let us give you a sneak preview of what you will expect if you visit Mt. Sto. Tomas. Here’s one of them.

[click image to view full size]

We will tell you how to get there and when is the best time to go there. Meantime, enjoy this teaser post. 🙂

Its more fun in the Philippines, really!

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