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The (Allegedly) Haunted Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City. Panagbenga 2013

There is this old building structure that was built long time ago. The Diplomat Hotel which looks like a mix of a church and a hotel because it has big cross on top of the building and has really huge rooms looks like creepy.

Diplomat Hotel Baguio

It is located in Dominican Road, Baguio City, Philippines. Most of the tourists who have been here says it is famous for being a haunted place.

Diplomat Hotel

Well, I guess if you will believe that the abandoned structure is haunted, it might add excitement when you visit it. There could be some strange shadows in your digital photos or something.

Diplomat Hotel

I can’t recall if this strange man on the extreme right of the picture was actually right there when I took this shot. Yay!

There are more photos, but since we are now hurrying to watch the parade of floats, we will put you on hold right now. Come back next time as we tell you stories about our Baguio 2013 trip.

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