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Tips for Filipinos Renting Cars on an Australian Getaway

For Filipinos travelling to Australia, one of the ideal ways to get around various tourist destinations in the country is through car rental. If you’re a travelling Filipino, check out the following tips to help you rent a car in Australia in the most affordable and convenient ways.

Make Sure You’re Eligible to Rent Cars

First off, as an international visitor, you need to be sure that you’re eligible to drive in Australia. Renting and driving a car requires a valid, unrestricted license. Moreover, you should be at least 21 years old. An international license that’s written in English is allowed. Also, confirm the extent of your insurance before signing the terms and conditions.

Book Online Before the Trip

Before you head off to Australia, you may opt to book online in advance. Most Filipinos travelling to Australia usually book online because they save money. You can find discounts that are not offered when you get a rental car at the airport on your arrival. Major companies servicing all top locations and most remote destinations include Hertz, Europcar, Redspot, Budget, Thrifty and Avis. Most of these are internationally renowned car rental companies.

Do your research, and pick the ideal car rental provider of your choice. You may book online, or call over the phone, if available. As the demand for rental services boosts during peak seasons, it’s recommended that you search and reserve your preferred car online at least one week ahead of your trip if you plan to travel during hectic months. This will give you a wider selection of vehicles that suit your needs.

Also, check if you can make use of certain discounts such as corporate discounts, loyalty discounts, standing percentage discounts and coupon offers.

On-Airport Site

On-site refers to car hire suppliers that have a physical location at the airport where clients can pick up and drop off their rented vehicle. Some of the Filipinos travelling to Australia consider this to be a quick and easy option. Car rental services are easily accessible at airports, city centers, resorts and the suburbs. Typically, car rental comparison websites provide details about whether the supplier is located on-site or off-site.

Off-Airport Car Hire

Off-site suppliers are those that are situated in a close proximity to the airport. Hiring at an off-airport location has its advantages. Many off-airport car rental companies provide added perks such as a convenient free shuttle service that will pick you up. Also, rental companies based at the airport pay taxes that add on to the cost; off-site operators tend to offer lower prices.

Once you land at the airport, you can give your selected company a call and they will pick you up with their courtesy shuttle. With this service, you and your family/companions can have ample time to pack the car and settle the kids away from the hustle and bustle of the airport environment.

Driving on the Left Side

Since Filipinos are accustomed to driving on the right side of the road, you’ll have to be careful not to slip into this habit while driving in Australia. Vehicles in Australia are driven on the left side of the road, so all Filipinos travelling to Australia must abide by this driving policy.

Renting cars is certainly a great option that offers you flexibility when it comes to travelling. Just make sure that you carefully plan your trip itinerary before embarking on your journey.

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