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3 Easy Tips to Prevent Being Obese When Travelling in the Philippines

It is undeniable that we Filipinos adore food. In fact, we love our local food so much that we eat almost five times a day – that includes meriendas. It’s no wonder why inspite of recurring financial depression, most of us don’t forget to have fiestas. Our love for food makes us all at risk of being obese. Obesity among Filipinos has become significant nowadays.

It is not surprising for Filipinos to be heavier, compared to their neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. While most of these countries have vegetables and white meat as their main dishes, Filipinos’ main courses are mostly from red meat and starchy roots. Plus, add the fact that Filipinos have big appetite; it would definitely add up to obesity having lost our ideal weight and body mass index (BMI).

But Philippines have been a tourists’ haven for years. Travelling in the Philippines offers a lot of unforgettable experiences that nobody could forget. Its pristine beaches, exotic caves and of course – Filipino cuisines have been our country’s best tourist attraction. One could easy lower down their guards and just relax when travelling in the Philippines.  Just a week or two in our country will definitely help a person relieve stress. But anyone must be aware of getting hit by obesity.

For tourists visiting the Philippines don’t fret obesity. There are still ways on how to keep your weight while travelling in the Philippines.  Just make sure to make the best out of this vacation.

1.  Savor the Filipino cuisines

It’s easy travelling in the Philippines with a lot of delicacies at hand – the pastillias, kakanins, and some locally made pies, are really hard to resist. One can easily devour these sweets and make a big thump on a weighing scale. It is also a big regret if one doesn’t taste these delectable pasalubongs. So, go ahead- eat them. Taste them. But don’t stuff yourself with it. To savor the food is just to eat slow and indulge with the taste. Eat with gusto, but in moderation. Enjoy how the food tastes, and not to satisfy your hunger. It is also a good way to prevent obesity.

2.  Eat All Kinds of Filipino Foods
This is a trick to trick your mind not to eat too much. The secret of preventing obesity when travelling in the Philippines is to eat a little of everything. It’s tempting to eat every single menu that’s being served on the table, but take note of how it would affect your diet, or your health. So to prevent one’s self from overeating, one must sample each dish on small amounts. That way, both your visual and olfactory senses are satisfied.

3.  Jog and walk along Philippine Tourist Spots
Being relaxed on a beautiful island does not mean that you have to abandon exercising as well. Jogging, brisk walking, or just playing catch with your friends, along the shoreline can really prevent obesity from reaching you. It is also a great way not just to lose a few pounds, but also experiencing everything you need to know when travelling in the Philippines.

So, being a traveler on a diet is never a hindrance in visiting the Philippines. All you have to do is follow this few tips on how to prevent obesity when traveling in the Philippines. Just be vigilant on whatever you eat and increase your movement. For sure, you’ll enjoy travelling in the Philippines without being prone to obesity.

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