Terminal Fee to be included in ticket beginning August 1

Alright guys, take note of this very important notice. To all of us frequent travelers, specially those who fly back and forth any domestic destination.

This notice applies to passengers flying out of Manila only.

Effective August 1, 2012 all domestic terminal fee which is now called Domestic Passenger Service Charge (DPSC) will be included in the ticket you purchase.

Here is the MIAA’s Advisory regarding this notice.


The Domestic Passenger Service Charge (DPSC) commonly known as “AIRPORT TERMINAL FEE” in the amount of TWO HUNDRED PESOS (Php 200.00) which passengers pay at designated counters in the NAIA shall now be paid upon purchase of airline tickets through internet booking, airline ticket offices and ticketing or travel agents This will apply to all tickets issued or re-issued on or after August 1, 2012

  1. Holders of airline tickets issued before August 1, 2012 will still pay the Php 200.00 at designated terminal fee counters at NAIA.
  2. Effective August 1, 2012, all departing TRANSIT PASSENGERS are required to pay the Airport Terminal Fee
  3. All domestic passengers are advised to bring with them a printed copy of the airline ticket, electronic ticket or itinerary receipt, as applicable. This is to avoid inconvenience during the check-in process
  4. The Php 200.00 is inclusive of VAT. No other fees in connection with the DPSC shall be charged to the passenger.
  5. For unused tickets, the DPSC of Php 200.00 is refundable within one (1) year from ticket issuance. The concerned Air Carrier will process the refund for the DPSC in accordance with its refund policies and procedures.
  6. For inquiries, suggestions or clarifications, please visit us at www.miaa.gov.ph or send your email to [email protected]

Click this link to download the official memorandum of MIAA.

Okay, before you shout out there and complain. The P200 peso DSPC is good only for passengers flying out of Manila only.

Other airports has lower terminal fees, so this notice applies only to passengers departing Manila only.

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    What gives? Terminal fees are payments for non-existent services so the airport authorities better include a see-you-again-soon drink, a cup of coffee, a bottle of mineral water, a sampaguita lei, being serenaded by the airport employees, or porters bring your luggage to the check-in counter for P200. Can they?