Friday Destination: Tides Grill and Bistro Shaw

Tired and exhausted for the whole week work? Waiting to drive at least 80kph in EDSA on a Friday after office?

If you are in Mandaluyong, Pasig or anywhere accessible to Shaw Boulevard. Try this this barely newly opened bar – TIDES GRILL AND BISTRO.

This is the fourth branch which was opened in June this year. Wahpinas featured this place already and it was just this Friday that I was convinced to join my boss who is frequenting this place for a while since its opening.

Tides Shaw has other branches located in the Metro, one in Quezon City, Pasig City, Paranaque and Tagaytay City.

If you are familiar with Central, a familiar and famous gimmick place for youngsters, Tides is an upscale version. You’ll find yuppies, professionals and the working class here.

They serve the usual drinks you find in Central. If you heard about “bad boy”, “bad girl” and “bad trip”, these are the common mix they serve here. For the regular beer drinker, they have serve San Mig Light here in bucket for a price of P240

Pulutan ranges from Grilled Liempo, Tuna Belly, Tilapia Fillet or you can choose BBQ boy (special pork barbeque) or the BBQ girl (special chicken barbeque). But you can order starters from Potato Wedges or Tokwa’t Baboy for P95.

If you came in early and have not eaten your dinner, you can try the reasonably priced rice toppings here. Price starts at P79 and I suggest you try their Korean Beef Silog.

So, how do you get there?

Ok, it just one ride from where you are right now. Get a cab! Of course I am just kidding. :)

It is conveniently located beside Honda Shaw. From EDSA take a jeepney ride from Star Mall going to Quiapo, tell Manong Driver to unload you right after Honda. It is on the right side of the road if you are going to Quiapo way.

The place can accommodate up to 800 pax and mind you, when we arrived on yesterday at around 9PM, the place is already jam-packed. Long queue of waiting customers are patiently waiting to be seated and enjoy their Friday night out.

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