Philippine Airlines to use iPad in their flights soon!

Local airlines is not stopping to innovate their value-added services. Recently, rival airline Cebupacific air announced that their flights will soon offer Wi-fi on the air. While on-board, they will allow you to use your tablets and other wi-fi enabled mobile devices to call via VOIP, access your favorite social media sites. Yes, you can now tweet while in the clouds!

Today, PAL announced that their in-flight entertainment system will get an upgrade. They will install iPads in their trans-Pacific flights.

Now this is the part that you may not like. The service can be high-tech but it will not be FREE. A “minimal” fee will be charged according to PAL.

However, PAL will be the first in Asia to innovate and offer this in-flight entertainment system. The tablet will be loaded with movies, TV shows and a lot more like news and you can play games too.


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