US Brand Motor Oil launches Recycled Motor Oil in the Philippines

Travelling does not only involve travel by plane, but for most us who would like to to getaway in the nearby tourist destination like Subic, Ilocos, Bicol Region, we might want to take our car with us. And travelling by car entails a lot of preparations. The used to be BLOWBAG which means Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gasoline is now upgraded to BLOWBAGETS – Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gasoline, Early warning device, Tools and Self.

In our car’s engine, oil play a very important role. The US brand Valvoline has introduced the very first Recycled Motor Oil in the industry. This also another first in the region since among the ASIAN countries they have chosen to launch it in the Philippines. We asked Mr. Gil Mariano, the Country Manager of Ashland the reason behind it and he simply said that the Philippines is the most environmentally-conscious country among its neighbors.

Ashland Inc is aleading automobile and motor oil manufacturer in the US and today they launched Valvoline NextGen motor oil, a new line of premium brand oil with environmental benefits.

NextGen motor oil is composed of recycled oil as a result of years of continued research, technology and innovation from Valvoline with the advancement in the oil re-fining process.

We, at Valvoline are increasingly concerned about the environmental situations that we experience. Thus, we felt that now is the time for us to contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment, which is why we are determined to search for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our long history and proven track record of innovation and leadership puts us in the perfect position to introduce a new game-changing motor oil in the industry. And with the Valvoline NextGen, it is 50% recycled with 100% guaranteed Valvoline protection,” says Valvoline Philippines Country Manager, Virgilio Mariano.

Valvoine uses a modern re-refining techniques that remove contaminants and neutralize and remove any chemically altered molecules. In making new motor oil, used oils are better for refining since used oils have 85% reusable oil, while crude only has 15% usable oil. The new product takes advantage of the latest innovative manufacturing and oil re-refining process that creates 100% new oil from recycling.

In the US Valvoline has a program called “Engine Guarantee” wherein when you used a Valvoline oil and your engine breaks down, Ashland will replace your engine. But sorry for the motoring public in the Philippines, it will not be offered here. But Valvoline Philippines said, who knows it could reach the Philippines very soon.

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  • bryan

    ok, but you still have no place to recycle oil in 99% of the philippines so where does this “recycled” come from? sounds like complete BS to me personally

    • spidermanph

      According to them they source it in different parts of the world.

  • Great news! I really appriciate that. We should take care of our future and spend more energy on recycling

  • Vew

    This is great news! I bet one can use this while touring around Camiguin without having to worry about polluting the entire island. :)

  • This is a good news. Recycling is one of the ways to be environmentally-friendly.

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