Mind Museum Philippines Soon To Open at The Fort

There is a educational center opening up at The Fort in two weeks time. The Mind Museum at Taguig was just an idea in 2006 but it was immediately started in 2007. The 12.5ksqM land area of thrilling exploration is a PhP1B project that is fully funded by private & corporate donors from sponsors, family and individual donors.

Around 100 great minds have been working on this project — designers, architects, scientists, engineers, exhibit advisors, student interns, building consultants, and BAFI (Bonifaction Art Foundation, Inc.) employees. The museum’s building floor area is 8,000sqM while the exhibit area is 5,000sqM.

The museum houses 250 hands-on, mind-on interactive exhibits. I’ve noticed most of the touch-screen AIO PC’s were provided by Sony, even the LCD displays. There are 5 Main Galleries – Atom, Life, Earth, Math and Living and Wather theme pockets.

There is also 198-seater auditorium with provisions for 2 wheelchairs, 2 mind pods consisting of a 40-seats classrooms and a 35 seating capacity laboratory. All these are available for rent.

What’s Inside?

Check out our photo gallery right here and have a preview of what you can find inside.

Is it affordable?
Regular entrance fee is P600 for adults and P150 for students. With 250 exhibits inside you pay P2.40/exhibit and you can stay up to max of 3 hours only. Visitors get inside the museum in batches. Anybody can visit the museum for kids ages 6 and adults up to 96 years old.

The Mind Museum master plan was undertaken by Jack Rouse & Associates (USA). National Geographic Channel is also a partner who provided the required footages and stills for the exhibits which also served as an exclusive venue for their science-related events.

We have original photos in our photoblog, check ’em out right here.

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  • Vew

    We will definitely drop by soon.

  • Looking forward to a visit once this opens.

  • Glenn

    Is there any malls near Mind Museum?

  • Nice museum, I’m glad they choos to build it in Taguig.

  • As part of the requirement to get the TRV, how can I get NBI clearance? Would it be easy for a foreigner to do so?

  • wow, another great place to visit.

  • Looks nice to visit! Are all exhibits related to science or is there some with the history and tradition of the Philippines. I’d particulary interested about traditionnal filipino art.

  • sexygirl

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  • Ram

    I’m planning to visit this place next month. It really interests me. 🙂 Thanks pala sa info!

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  • ian

    another good reason to stay in the city. lalong gumaganda jan sa global city. 😀

  • Kyra Aguilar

    When will it exactly open?:)

  • Great! its always good to hear about investments that aim to educate. kudos to all behind this project!