Enchanted Kingdom’s EKstreme Tower Ride now open to public

Adrenaline junkies, Enchanted Kingdom’s latest thrill ride is finally open in public as part of its 15th anniversary.

The EKstreme Tower Ride is a Philippine’s first and another world-class ride attraction. The thrill of accelerating towards ground level from 150 feet after gently being raised to that level will surely take your breath away as EKstreme plummets from the sky.

EKstreme Tower Ride

EK’s President and Chairman Mario O. Mamon said “EK’s EKstreme Tower Ride is our 15th anniversary treat to all of EK’s valued and faithful patrons.”

The ride raises riders 150 feet into the air — 10 feet for every year that Enchanted Kingdom had been continually providing magical experienced – before dropping them suddenly and safely back to ground level. Eldar the Wizard’s hat sits as the “crown” on top of the ride representing Enchanted Kingdom’s “towering” milestone achievement and continued leadership in the local amusement industry, being the first, and continues to be, the only world-class theme park in the Philippines.”

The EKstreme Tower Ride is not part of EK’s free rides. It has an entrance fee of Php100 but the thrill is really worth it.

Enchanted Kingdom is open Thursdays and Fridays from 12NN to 7PM and on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 11AM to PM until December 17. Fireworks display is staged on weekends at 8:30PM.

Got to be among the first to try this ride and I must say that the short adrenaline rush was kinda addicting. Read here.

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  • I still remember nung condor pa yang EK extreme. 🙂

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  • jun paraoan

    to enchanted kingdon owner;

    sana magkaron p kau ng roller coaster n mas higit p sa space shuttle. ung parang katulad s ibang country.

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  • Whew! Can’t take this ride. I’ve tried rollercoaster and it was my first and last..hehe…

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  • Somewhat a beautiful place I never dreamed even during my childhood days BUT definitely THE place where I can treat my kids to in the future.

  • Matagal ko ng gustong pumunta dito. huhuhu sana makapunta nako within this year.

  • yas

    wow! I LOVED this ride!!!! just went to EK and it was SO WORTH IT!!! i’m sure to ride it again next time!! like the post!

  • love this new adrenaline ride it will really make you scream once you ride on this – I will be riding this baby next week see you at enchanted kingdom.

  • Beautiful merry-go-round. I personally don’t like such rotating machine because

  • The decoration of the rotating machine is appealing. I guess my kids will enjoy
    the ride.

  • Great..Its perfect to experience the real thrill. I will try it for sure.

  • Great height. I think it can scare any one. I would love to take a ride of it.

  • wow.. Really thrilling experience. I have enjoyed ride of many merry-go rounds
    and I am sure, it will also be fantastic.

  • Sana meron na nyan sa davao o kaya sa peoples park.ahhehehe

  • Wow!! It’s been 10 years since the last time I visited Enchanted Kingdom..I want to try that Tower Ride=)Thanks for sharing it with us

  • Diba yan yung dating condor?

  • On the travel channel, they featured a ride and I believe they said it was in Pigeon Forge… From what I can tell, it’s similar to the ride Slingshot

  • This looks like an awesome ride. Thanks for the post and the photo!

  • We went there last September. Unfortunately this ride wasn’t open yet. Sayang! We’ll definitely go back in January to test it! Check the full story of our EK adventure at http://www.lagunapinas.com!

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  • Just looking at the picture makes me scared of that ride. Thinking twice of riding that one.

  • It’s an awesome ride. This spot really brings excitement for everyone else who would like to experience endless shouting of fear and joy..

  • VERY VERY NICE blogs site post. people life is very danger of tower sites

  • I should try that coin thing..when I tried the one in Six Flags me and my friend were screaming like hell, but there was this one old lady sitting beside us and she was just smiling the whole time. Kind of embarrassing

  • Nice Blog post. Will check this out too.

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  • I love this ride, but I didn’t have a chance to try this because the roller coaster has a very long line waiting for the ride.

  • I’ve been waiting for this to open! i’m sad that it’s not a free ride but i think 100 is going to be well spent in this ride.

  • It’s awesome! I’m so liking it!

  • Wow, awesome addition to their great rides! They have a similar ride in Six Flags in the US. It’s said that if you put a coin in your lap as you drop down you’ll see it float for a few seconds. Haven’t tried it myself though. Might do it the next time I’m back in the Philippines.

  • niel

    can u help me? pano ba mag post ng announcement dito