Cebu Crowne Regency Hotel Sky Experience Adventure

During our trip to Cebu, we spent a day in the city. There aren’t a lot of tourist spots to visit in the city so the next best thing is to try the country’s only sky attraction, the Skywalk Extreme and the Edge Coaster at the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers.


The Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu is the tallest building in the city spanning 38 floors. On the 37th floor is the Sky Walk where you will walk around outside the building and get a view of the whole city. The Edge Coaster on the 38th floor is a ride around the edge of the building where you can tilt your seat downward for a vertigo-inducing view.

We took a cab to Crown Regency at Fuente Osmeña and entered the hotel. The receptionist told us to head to the 19th floor to inquire about the rates.


Since we went there after lunch, we didn’t avail of their buffet with rides rate. There’s also a 4D theater available but we only opted for the Sky Walk and Edge Coaster ride.

Sky Adventure rates

The rate for the two rides is Php600 per head inclusive of a light snack. Not bad I might say considering how expensive the sky walk in Macau is. For complete rates and packages, check out their site.

City View from the top

After paying, we head up to the 38th floor and went outside to check out the view of Cebu city first before doing the rides. You can already see Bohol from the hotel.

Skywalk Extreme

This is the first and only Sky Walk in the country so it’s something you might want to try when you’re in Cebu. You will go outside for a 10 to 15-minute walk around the walkway with a cord attached to the ceiling and into your harness.

You need to wear a flight suit and rubber shoes. No slippers nor any loose items. No cameras allowed as well! They will give you a locker for you to place your belongings. If you don’t have any rubber shoes on, you need to buy a pair of socks (Php20) and they will lend you the shoes.

Skywalk Extreme

Once on your suit, you will put on your harness. There’s also an instructor who will brief you on some safety procedures. He will also lead you during the walk and act as some sort of tour guide. There’s also another personnel who will be taking photos during the walk.

Seating over the edge

As you do your walk, your guide will make you stop at certain points for some photo op. You can walk near the edge and look over below if you want.

Make sure you ask the photographer to take lots of photos with different poses. Take your time at each stop. It’s probably going to be a once in a lifetime thing so make the most of it.

When you’re done, you have the option to buy your photos on a CD or have it printed.

Ok I’m going to take some time talking about claiming the photos. I was surprised when I learned that the CD costs Php550!!! It gets more expensive if there are more of you so splitting the cost won’t do any good. Unbelievable! The photos were amateurish despite using a DSLR camera (there were a big speck on the lens) and we only had 10 shots. You can’t say no because you want to bring home something from it. Having a photo printed costs about Php200+. What a rip off!

Ok that’s enough ranting… for now.

Edge Coaster

Back at the 38th floor is the Edge Coaster. This is a 3-minute motorized ride around the edge of the building so you can get a nice view of the city in all angles.

Edge Coaster

No need to get into any harness here, your seat will keep you secure. You can control how your seat is tilted. Backward if you’re afraid of heights and just want to enjoy the view from the top or forward until you’re literally facing the pavement below.

Just like the Sky Walk, you are not allowed to bring your camera with you. You can ask a friend to go outside and take photos of you while on the ride though.

I was hesitant in buying our photos because it’s another Php550 for a CD of amateurish shots. They won’t even put your Edge Coaster and Sky Walk photos in one CD so you have to pay more than the rides. Geez! We settled for a 6×8 printed photo for Php230 because Tia insisted on it.

Afterwards, we headed back down to the 19th floor for our included snacks. It’s just a choice of a donut, dimsum or sandwich and an iced tea for your drink.

It wasn’t really a thrilling experience especially if you’re not afraid of heights. If you are then it’s best that you go at night. You won’t see the ground but you’ll get to enjoy the city lights.

If I’m going to do it again, I’m just going to go for the Sky Walk and have more photos taken. If not for the absurd cost of the photos I would’ve enjoyed my time in the Sky Experience Adventure.

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  • philippine hotel

    All in all, it has everything you could wish for in a business hotel, but with a lot more comfort and style than you’d expect.

  • philippine hotel

    All in all, it has everything you could wish for in a business hotel, but with a lot more comfort and style than you’d expect.

  • How true that I won a 2 nights accom. for this hotel nag pa gas lang ako then nag fillup sa form nila nanalo na ako after a week..please give some comments.ty

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  • emily

    i really do love your hotel, I’ve been there last year, we had gone for an educational tour. I!!t’s a wonderful place to go!!

  • Belle Almario

    totally love the experience..!
    to everyone that is so fond of heights, this is one sure thing you should try.. seeing that spectacular view of the whole Cebu is really wonderful..! you will not regret it..*_^

    but i left my id there, and i’m back here in manila now.. can someone please tell me how to get in touch with any of the personnel there for the claim of my id.. pls..pls..pls..pls..! tnx..!

  • Thanks for sharing the info. Didn’t know there’s an extreme adventure like this in the Philippines. Awesome!

  • I am here in cebu for 5 months now. I really really want to ride Crown Regency’s Edge Coaster but my boyfriend is afraid of heights. hehe. Until now, I am still convincing him to try it.

  • The sight cause vertigo. I like the idea sky walking. I guess the ride is to make up for the expensive cost of photos.

    You should try sky driving too. You are a dare devil.

    Did you get to visit the beach while you were there?

  • I can say that this is really a great place for honeymoon. very romantic and yet local. cebu has really lot to offer.

  • Feneth

    i wanna try this adventures with my love this coming december.. hop this will be fun..:)) wala bang discount ung rate ng cd if both bilhin moh??? thanx

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  • scary! i always see this because it’s the only building that tall within the vicinity

  • this is awesome! been there but dont have the guts to try it though..hehe…


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  • So this was what my friend was talking about. Definitely a must-try for the adventurous ones when they visit Cebu.

  • Wow! This is nice! Meron na palang ganito sa Philippines!

    Makapunta nga jan! 😉

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