Splash Mountain Resort: A nature-powered Resort

On July 3, 2010 with much anticipation of our weekly “coffee break”, the team decided to spend the weekend in one of the resort hotels located at the foot of Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna.

We droved about 50 to 55 km. from Makati southbound, took the last exit of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), Calamba Exit. And since it was Saturday, and the usual traffic situation in the metro is moderate, we hit the place in just about 2.5 hours. We had our brunch at David’s Tea House which is five minutes away from the resort.

Splash Mountain Resort is a hot-spring resort in the area, enjoying the nature-supplied hot water from Mt. Makiling. The resort houses three hotels in a one huge private compound which is on the left side of the national highway. The three hotels in the compound are Splash Suites, Splash Hotel and Splash Oasis. We choose Oasis for obvious reason – the lobby has free internet access, and just beside our room downstairs is a 5-feet swimming pool with mini-slides for kids.

Oasis has three different types of rooms to offer, the Superior Room for the VIP’s. It can accommodate 4 persons, with 2 large beds and costs P3,810.00, they got 2 of these rooms. The second type is the Deluxe rooms, they got 34 of these – can accommodate up to 4 persons with 2 beds, and located at the 2nd and 3rd floors of the hotel, costs P3,510.00 for 4 pax and P2,800 for 2 people. We chose this room since the VIP is no longer available when we checked in. The last is the Standard room which is best for couples has one double bed, they got 3 of these and costs P2,110.00. All rooms have cable-TV, mini-bar, of course hot shower, and internal telephone system.

The resort has lots of swimming pools — all hot! It has two giant and crazy slides, but too bad it wasn’t operational anymore when we went there because it’s no longer the summer season. When we were toured, we brought the wrong lens, so I apologize we don’t have picture of the giant slides.

Check in time is 2:00PM and check out time is 12:00noon. Upon check in, all guests will be issued some sort of tags which will identify if you are just a day visitor and want to go swimming or picnic, or a hotel guest, a color coded tags allows you to go swimming on designated pools only.

The Splash Suites which is the newest hotel in the complex has very nice rooms with indoor pool. Rates in this hotel with the indoor pool starts at P1,800++.

The complete rates can be found in there website, or you simply click this link. You can visit the resort without staying in the hotels, you can just go swimming – they have this swimming package.

DigitalSpidey has more photos, click here to view.

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  • Quatchi

    We, a couple from Manila, were there just last weekend for a quick getaway. What we liked about it was that the room was pretty decent, had up-to-date decors (in the new wing), an adequately sized flat-screen TV and DVD player, and best of all, a nice big pool for a spa-like feeling.
    Given the relatively steep prices (P3,700/night), the entire experience fell short of our expectations. The first room we were given had a floor so dirty that we got black feet just from waling from the bed to the bathroom. The aircon did not work and after two complaints, the room attendant thought the best solution was to give us an electric fan! We protested and were given another room, that luckily did not have these problems.
    One thing that annoyed us was that management is very stingy with their blanket and towels. Both of us nearly slipped on the slick tiles due to the absence of anti-slip tape and lack of towel mats to absorb water you would expect coming out of a pool.
    The blanket you get is no wider than the bed and too short for anyone taller than 5′. It was as thin as the bed sheet and so small we had to request for another one only to be told that it would cost us P100 extra! The fancy satin sausage pillows smelled like a sweaty armpit and we had to pile those in a corner so as to not throw up. It was obvious that they were in need of some serious washing. There was no internet in our room as the access points were not working at that time.
    While the resort had lots of pools in decent shape, some of them were drained due to either maintenance or a lack of patrons. None of the slides we saw had running water so we avoided those so as to not get friction burns on our bums. The water was a bit too cool for a hot springs resort, but it wasn’t too bad.
    It’s saving grace was that overall, the service was quite decent. This applies especially to our evening room attendant on the night-shift who always had a smile and was very eager to please. I guess that they just did not know any better and lacked the proper training in housekeeping and customer service.
    I would go back again, but this time, I will bring my own towels, blankets, and maybe a couple of band-aid just in case…

  • I’m taking my daughter to this resort next time. I’m pretty sure she would love this place!

  • Hey Gud day! as i see your blog it looks like an ordinary resort but as i see the pictures it was awesome and refreshing to the visitors and i dont know how to react if i see it in real!…
    Spring Hills Resort

  • mike

    hi…just to inform u guys that are planning to go to this place…HUWAG NA PO…maybe before its good to go but during my recent visit to splach mountain it was like pinagsisihan namin…why? with the room rate so expensive..di pa gumagana ang mga jacuzzi…by the way we rented room S2 and S3…they informed us that toiletries were available pero pagdating namin only towel and tissue paper was there…we decided not to take dinner there because it was kinda expensive so we ended up in BK…during the next day of our stay we ordered brakfast in the hotel and it was clearly written in the menu that you can order egg “any style” since im a chef i want mine over easy and my wife over easy – well done… and what we got? the order taker told me he is not sure whether our order can be given as what i told him kasi marami daw order…is it a reason??? what the heck! sorry for the guys na nag-enjoy d2… for me its like money making and knowing that its off season… sobrang dumi ng mga pools with the sting bug all around the area…

  • Boots


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    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  • the rates are pretty affordable, perfect for a weekend getaway. have you visited the UPLB campus when you were in town? it is a perfect place for a nature trip. just sharing.. 🙂

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