Lagen Island at El Nido Resorts, Palawan

There are a lot of really nice places to go when looking for beaches and resorts in Palawan. The entire group of islands is practically a huge resort in itself with hundreds of untapped small islands to check out. The most prominent though is Lagen Island in El Nido.

Our recent 3-day trip to El Nido was spent on Miniloc Island. However, we were able to visit Lagen Island on the second day just to check out the place and try their swimming pool.

In an island surrounded by white sands and sparkling waves, the pool is a nice contrast and is a favorite among visitors.

Lagen Island is just awesome and the resort is positioned to give visitors the best view of the sea. Cottages on stilts line the row of a small lagoon and scores of fishes and sea creatures populate the shallow water.

Like its sister resort, Minoloc Island, Lagen is a bit more private and secluded which caters more to couples who want a little lone-time and privacy. Of course, that comes with a price.

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