Amanpulo, a Millionaire’s Island Resort

Amanpulo is one of the private resorts in Pamalican island in Palawan. It is surrounded by white sand beaches, clear waters and a 2.5km stretch of coastline.
Photo Courtesy of GaryJ

Guests here are flown by a 19-seater private plane from Manila and touches down on the Island’s private airstrip. Estimated cost per head is about Php85k++ for a 3-days, 2-night stay. It is about 360km southwest of Manila and it will take you about 1hour and 10 minutes on its private plane.

The resort has Free internet access available in each room, while mobile phone signal is only available on certain areas.

This romantically remote island caters for those who wish to ‘hammock’ and beach comb their days in paradise, and for those who seek an active agenda, involving a myriad of maritime adventures as well as tennis, a high-tec air-conditioned gym, and taking languid lengths in the resort’s 30m serene pool.”  – amanresorts.com

There are more photos of the resort here. Feel free to browse and enjoy the experience. Head to their website for more detailed information.

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  • beautiful! beautiful! no wonder the fuss about this place. 🙂

  • It’s just so unfair that this part of the country is very hard to access to locals because of its very high rate. 🙁

  • Now that is beautiful! This should be included as part of the Best Travel Deals
    around the world. Your country definitely has a lot to offer the world!

  • Ohhhhhhh!!! It’s very beautiful and really romantic! if i have chance i will come there. Thanks alot.

  • Ganda talaga ng Philippines!

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    Wow! Looks beautiful. I haven’t been back to the Philippines in a long time, but if I do I will definitely have to check this place out. Great Blog!

  • The place seems nicer than any words can describe.

  • ganda talaga nga amanpulo… wow!!!

  • this is truly one of the best places so far…

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