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Real Leaf Green Tea

Would you choose a classic Walkman over today’s take-everything-everywhere iPod’s? Would you limit yourself to a sandwich when you could grab a combo? Would you settle for your usual tea drink when there’s Real Leaf Green Tea?

I bet you won’t! Why would you when Real Leaf is not only made from natural green tea leaves but is also deliciously blended with the natural goodness of honey? It’s the one-of-a-kind combination that helps revive both mind and body, made even more luscious by infusing fruit flavors. And this is what your green tea could be!

Taking your tea-drinking experience to a whole new high, this quality product from The Coca- Cola Company packs the rewards of refreshing green tea and real honey in one great-tasting beverage. Whether in school or at work as you scurry to fulfill your dynamic everyday life, it’s that perfect perk-upper to help take you away from all the stress and keep you right on track.

If you’re not convinced it’s not your average tea yet, why not try any of its three delightful flavors- Honey Apple, Honey Lemon and Honey Lychee? And with every sip, be refreshed, boost focus and alertness whenever you get a good dose of theanine, an amino acid that is naturally found in tea plants. At the same time, fill your senses up with thathint of gentle sweetness that only yummy honey brings. Both these make up Real Leaf’s deliciously reviving* formula, just what you need as you continue relishing life on the fast lane.

Now that you know just how amazingly Real Leaf puts a spin to your typical green tea drink, it’s time to get to know your “brew” it a little bit more. The brewing process used to produce Real Leaf follows only world-class standards based on years of experience and expertise of The Coca-Cola System. The result? Optimum freshness, quality, aroma and all the rewarding benefits of natural tea are unquestionably retained. Not to mention that green tea leaves used are sourced all the way from the Zhejiang region of China, the country that produces more than 70% of the total green tea output in the world.

Finally, it’s time for one last fun fact you might find handy the next time you’re in the grocery store to pick the right tea beverage for you and your friends. Honey has a low calorie level. It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids and can even help prevent your seasonal allergies and is a good source of antioxidants. Who knew it could be that unique ingredient that would spell out that delicious difference? Real Leaf did and it’s here to let us experience a revitalized standard on what could be healthy and tasty too!

Would you settle for your usual tea drink when there’s Real Leaf — Real Tea. Real Honey.

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