Honda Bay, Palawan

When in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, one of the best you can do on a hot summer day is to check out and do some island-hopping at Honday Bay.

Honda Bay is a collection of several islands including Cannon Island, Bat Island and Starfish Island, with coral reefs, nice white sand beaches and amazing species of fishes and other marine animals.

The bay is to be found in Sta. Lourdes Tagbanua, Puerto Princesa City. It’s about 12 kilometers east of Puerto Princesa City. Pumpboats could be hired to take tourists to the island of their choice or all islands if time permits. Some islands require an entrance fee; others are privately owned, thus, permits from the owners are necessary.

Our day trip from the underground river to Honda Bay costs us a total of Php2,500 per head, all-in. It was a little costly but since there were six of us, I think it was worth it.

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  • Mircha

    We’re planning to go there on Feb 25 to 27. Honda bay is part of our Itinerary. I’m so excited.

  • cathy

    Hi, just a question. Does the 2500 fee apply for 2 persons also? or they require a minimum number of perons? thanks!

  • Wow, Palawan is really a captivating beauty. How I wish I could go there and visit the great places and beaches that others visited. Nice pictures you’ve got here.

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  • Palawan is great. Mura na ang pagkain, mura pa ang bayad sa accomodations sa mga local white sand beaches.

  • ang ganda!!!wish i could visit this place someday…

  • Its been a year ginugusto ko na pumunta dyan pero wala ako kasama!!! wahhhh

  • wow! angganda.

  • Wow! i’ve been in Palawan and my jaw dropped with its captivating beauty! you’ll missed your entire life if you didn’t get able to visit Palawan. Proud to be Pinoy!