Baker’s Hill in Palawan is a Theme Park

There’s this small village-like place in Puerto Princesa where a lot of people, especially kids and high-school students, go to every afternoon. It’s called the Bakers Hill and it literally sits on top of a hill overlooking the city.

The place is really nice and it’s like a small theme park. I think it started out as a bakery at first, then they added a couple more stores and food stalls when students kept on coming back.

Even at the entrance, you will be greeted will a nice smell of freshly baked bread.

The owner of the place built a small mansion on the front of the property and added smaller houses and cottages at the back. The whole area is well maintained with a large garden and more small pockets of garden all around. There are also large human-sized statues and figures that are scattered all over.

Bakers Hill is like a private park but is opened to the public mostly students hang out at the place during break times or week-ends since schools are just nearby the place.


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  • Oh well yes it is a great place! I’ve been there 2 times with my wife and children and planning to go again this upcoming may 2011.

  • Hello! what a nice place it is. can’t wait to have a chance to go there 🙂

  • wow this is gorgeous! it is such a nice place to unwind… want to be here!

  • werty

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  • jr_melojane

    It is nice… My father’s side of the clan lives there, and we visit the clan’s place once in a while.. Everything is great there, from the air that you’ll be breathing up to the food you’ll be eating.. Fantastic! But too bad, there’s a lack of transportation to Palawan, that’s why the place isn’t as very popular as Boracay.

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