Driving an ATV around Cagraray Island

My recent trip to Cagraray Island in Albay is one of the most fun ever in years. There are lots of stuff we can do on the Misibis Bay Raintree and one of them is driving around the island with an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

We took this video while driving around Cagraray and this part was taken on the hill top where you can see the entire island and the other islands around it. We’ve been recording a lot throughout the trip and we used the Sony Handycam HDR XR200 which takes full 1080p HD videos. While a digicam with HD video recording could have also done the trick, Sony’s Handycam gets ou full 1080p videos and can store as much as 120GB of video in one go. Perfect for long trips since you also get good battery life.

Here are some more footages of Misibis Bay using the Sony XR200:


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  • Nice, I didn’t know this is available in Albay. Thanks for featuring. Will definitely try this 🙂