Travelling is Fun with a Sony Cybershot and Marine Pack

Haven’t had this much fun with travel gears for a long time. Taking the Sony Cybershot DSC-T900 was the right choice as it’s small and lightweight, plus it can take HD videos at 720p. See a video tour of the Misibis Bay Raintree at Cagraray Island in Albay below.

They say pictures tell a thousand words so these videos should be enough to describe the place.

I originally wanted to bring my dSLR with me as this is a trip I thought I should never miss but I gave the point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot a chance (it was a huge risk). I thought as long as there was enough sunlight, I should be able to get decent pictures.

The HD video recording is also a big come-on as I will be able to take footages my other cameras could not do at that resolution.

The Sony Cybershot TSC-T900 comes with a Marine Pack which you can use to take photos and videos underwater. I went snorkeling one afternoon to test it out in the sea but the water to too cloudy so I couldn’t see anything underwater. Fortunately, the swimming pool is open almost 24 hours a day and we were able to play with the camera even at night.

Participants of our Synergy trip (members of the media from print and TV) volunteered to do this little experiment — shooting a video underwater at night. It did not disappoint and everyone had a fun time.

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