Misibis Bay Rain Tree at Cagraray Island

The Misibis Bay RainTree is a newly developed resort found in the island of Cagraray, Albay province. The whole island is about 480 hectares and about 60% of it will be developed into an eco-park, hotel and resort.


The island is about 60 minutes away from Legazpi Airport via land and just 30 minutes via fastcraft which is operated by the resort. There are daily flights via Cebu Pacific from Manila.

misibis resort

The hotel-resort is maintained by Discovery Suites and features over 3 dozen separate bungalow to 2 and 3-story condos surrounded by a sprawling 4-feet swimming pool. There are more guest houses being constructed during this soft launch.


There are a lot of activities to do within the beach resort alone. There’s an entertainment room, a game room with billiards and table tennis, and even a playground for kids. If you like the outdoors, they have all-terrain vehicles (ATV) you can use to go around the island.


Water-sports are aplenty as well — big water floats (similar to the ones in CamSur), kayaking, jetski, wakeboarding and snorkeling or diving.

Accommodations are top notch — each guest house has one big master bedroom, and 2 single beds that serves as the living room. The houses are walled in glass all around with just draperies you can pull down if you want privacy. There are two 32″ LCD TVs, a ref and a huge bath tub.

Most of the guest houses are accessible to the pool. Hotel service is an A+ with options for a butler service and plenty of attendants going around attending to guests’ needs — apple juice and assorted nuts at the front desk, ice cold water and cookies at the pool, mango-flavored ice candy at the beach, and cold face towel and face spray in the afternoon sun.

And best of all, there is free and fast WiFi all over the resort — from the rooms to the recreation areas and even as far as the beach-front. Of course, the place does not come cheap either. Daily accommodations start at a whooping $385.

I originally wanted to bring my dSLR for this trip because I heard the place is great. However, I decided to just bring along the new Sony Cybershot TSC-T900 which is way lighter but takes pretty good pictures as well (all the photos here were taken with it). It also has an HD video recording capability so that’s an added bonus.

Here’s sample 360-degree footage of the beach resort I took with the Sony Cybershot TSC-T900:

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