Cebu Pacific launches The Wandering Juan

Cebu Pacific launches a new website name WanderingJuan.com, aimed at promoting tourism in the Philippines. To be a Wandering Juan, just take a photo of your slippers (tsinelas) whenever you travel to some fo the hot spots and tourist destinations in the country and share it on the site.

wandering juan

Whether visiting the world’s popular landmarks or taking in the best local sights, this new breed of Pinoy traveler never fails to attract new friends and good times. Wearing his or her most comfortable footwear-often the ubiquitous tsinelas representative of home-and armed with his or her trusty camera, The Wandering Juan captures these memorable times in equally interesting photographs. Why? At the core of it all is a simple desire of the heart to show loved ones that yes, this Juan has flown…and how! What follows is the secret yet inspiring message: “And so can you”.

Photo contributors will get the chance to win free trips on Cebu Pacific to popular destinations in the Philippines and South East Asia.

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  • This is a great idea. Never been to the Philippines, but seems like a lovely place to stop off for a week or so.

  • I’ve heard a lot from cebu pacific because of its good service to its customers.

  • I also like using Cebu pacific not only for low rates but also for its good service

  • this would be great! cebu pacific is very low rates compare to other airlines. their service is unbelievable!