Soda swimming pool, secret from Camiguin

Camiguin is rich in hot and cold springs, due to the island’s volcanic properties. Most residents there have commercialized these natural springs, including this very special one, that is said to taste like soda(?). Yes you read it right, this big swimming pool from Camiguin is rumored to taste like soda.


Ask a local what’s really in the water and you wont get a straight answer. It’s sort-of a secret of the swimming pool that must not be revealed. You have to go there yourself and taste the water to know if it’s coke, sprite or pepsi? 😛

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  • colasisi

    alam nyo rin ba ang moro wacth tower nan diyan lang sa pier ng guinsiliban loob ng guinsiliban elementary ang kastila governor general ng mindanao ay nakatera sa kamiguin…makikita nyo sa mambajao yung bahay niya…

  • colasisi

    hindi lang to, secret ng camiguin ang soda swimming pool..ang isa sa mga town sa camiguin ang sagay,..ang alam ng karanihan ang sto.rosario church lang an tourist attraction dito..pero meron secret place ito..pamonglo cold spring,binangawan falls dijoy..binangawan falls ang cold spring sa barangay bacnet..


  • Car Hire Nice

    Is that a swimming pool, a lagoon, or a spring? I agree with the others, the water might have a high mineral content which explains the soda taste.

  • Raymund

    soda water? magastos naman kung titimplahan nila yan ng asukal di ba? baka merong content yung minerals na nasa pool kaya matamis siya…

  • travel agency philippines

    Nice place to visit. thank you for posting this article.

  • pinoyislands

    a nice place to visit when your in camiguin

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    sprite please :) i will definitely visit this place

  • shobe

    Now I saw this from one site,! it’s a great site! I’ve learned about this place from that site 😉 Baraaza is where you can interact with different people…specially made for travelers and tourists to guide them

  • boo

    and why, do pray tell, would you taste the water from a public swimming pool?! isn’t that dirty?

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  • Valerie

    Yes, it really tastes like one but its better and natural. We went there last November and it’s my favorite place in Camiguin.