Five-legged Cow at ParadiZoo, Tagaytay

Paradizoo is a farm ranch located at Tagaytay (see our previous post about Paradizzo here) and among the many farm animals showcased there, there was some extra attention by the crowd on this five-legged cow.

farm paradizoo tagaytay
This cow has an extra limb closely attached to the right, front legs. This medical condition is called polymelia, a birth defect that ends up with an extra and usually malformed limb.


paradizoo tagaytay
Sometimes an embryo started as conjoined twins, but one twin degenerated completely except for one or more limbs, which end up attached to the other twin. Sometimes small extra legs between the normal legs are caused by the body axis forking in the dipygus condition. The extra limb is most commonly shrunken and/or deformed as shown in this picture.

paradizoo farm
Paradizoo also showcases several other animals, including ostriches, wild boars, deers and camels.

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  • chris dellosa

    we had our fieldtrip yesterday. and i saw that cow on paradizoo. the GMA7 also was there… taping for ILUMINA.

    the cow is beside the cemetery of died pets. very creepy.

    that cow is friendly. 🙂

  • hi do you know the number of paradizoo? pls. let me know? thanks

  • That’s freakin’ crazy, surely if the cow can’t use it then it must be a hinderance, can’t they remove it?

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