SEAir Promo Fare 2009: 14th Anniversary Sale

SEAir is extending it’s 14th anniversary promo fare with an extra Php70 million in discounts. That means each booking could grab a discount of Php1,400 per flight.

Just book a flght between now and May 31, 2009 and fly between June 15 to July 15, 2009 to get the discounts.


Don’t forget the promo code while doing your online booking – iflyseair14. Book here now.

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  • Linkmoko

    Thanks for this great information. I hope that there will be a promo this summer vacation I’m planning to go to boracay this summer.

  • theresa

    hi just ask the the extended promo nyo,pwede cebu to bora?thanks

  • Rein Valdez

    Thank you very much for the info.
    Good luck

  • philfriend

    Trying to get a deal, or just work out where to ring to get a ticket..

    Try this site they have all the flights and the connections for the Philippines..

    Then you can work out the cheapest way to get there..

    Great system.

  • mitch

    hope u still have promo fare for laoag this dying to go there.

  • Edsil Puno II

    That’s great. I’ll check their site..

  • Jasper Jugan

    hope they’ll have promos for batanes flight as it’s still a bit expensive 😛