Asian Spirit is now Zest Air

zest airlinesAsian Spirit has recently re-branded itself as Zest Air. This move was made after a recent acquisition of major stock on the old Asia Spirit Airlines. Why Zest Air? Read on to learn about them.

According to the Zest Air website:

In 2008, a series of corporate activities gave birth to Zest Air. Firstly, on March 26, AMY Holdings Corporation (AHC) acquired 99.6 percent of Asian Spirit Inc., Seeing the opportunity for growth, the new owners felt that the only way to enhance its profitability was by infusing new capital, re-fleeting, altering management style and innovating marketing strategies. Seven months later Zest Airways orange and green colors flew the Philippine skies, making way for a bigger and better airline. With acquisition of seven new aircraft, Zest Air successfully flies to 13 Philippine destinations.

zest airlines

Zest Air is under new management now. The president and CEO of Zest Air is Mr. Alfredo M. Yao — more popularly known as Juice King of the Philippines for being also the Chairman of Zest-O Corporation. Now you know where the airline gets its new name.

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  • shane

    regarding sa mga nabasa ko..ganun b talaga k pangit yung service ng zest air..kze first time kong sasakay dito usually kze sa cebu pacific…sana yung mga nangyari s kanila eh di mangyari samin

  • angel

    sana sa kanila na ang isa sa mga aero bridge ng bacolod airport..di namn kc ginagamt ng airphil ehh..and bsyds wala ng airphil na bumabyahe sa bacolod..hop dey could get one ang hassle ei bababa kapa thru ladder eh my aerobridge naman..taz panu pag umulan pa?hai galing domestic ladder pagdting ng bacolod ladder pa rin?hai padagdag nadin ng flight 2 bacolod mas magnda pag umaga naman.tnx

  • Dissatisfied Customer

    I have read other blogs which also lambasted this CSR manager they have. Poor Jocelyn, just look at her response to my letter- yun lang???

    Dear Mr XXX,

    We appreciate feedbacks from our valued passengers and rest assured that we will continue to find ways to provide the best service they deserve.

    Your October 31, 2009 flight was cancelled due to aircraft situation, it was unavoidable and unintentional, and that the safety of our passengers is our utmost concern.

    Please refer to the conditions of carriage at the back of your e-ticket regarding denied boarding compensation. We will be glad to rebook affected passengers to the next available Z2 flight or give full refund plus P150 denied boarding compensation.

    Hoping for yur kind understanding and cooperation regarding this matter and thank you for bearing with us.

    Best Regards,

    Ms. Jo Trinidad
    Customer Relations Manager

    I filed a complaint form last October 31 at the airport, but no response so I sent them another mail on November 20. I had to follow up last December 7 and they finally replied on December 10:-

    CSR Manager

    20 November 2009

    Dear Jocelyn:

    Thank you for allowing us to experience the services of your airline. On October 31, 2009, I was supposed to travel with my wife and four-month old baby for medical reasons of the latter.

    I have already submitted a PASSENGER COMPLAINT FORM last November 1, 2009 which was received by your Traffic Representative Gift L. Grimaldo. However, I have not yet heard from you. Hence, I am writing another letter addressed to your good office.

    Our experience has completely turned around our first impression of your airline – from Asia’s most refreshing to Asia’s most frightening. Please allow me to take this opportunity to complain about the inhumane treatment of the passengers in our cancelled flight Z2487 (old) / Z2 330 (new), scheduled to depart for BCD last Oct 31, at 1330H:-

    (1) Chaotic handling of the affected passengers once the flight cancellation has been announced in the pre-departure area. After being retimed from 1330H to 1830H and subsequently to 2030H, the cancellation announcement has been made at 2000H. The series of ETD postponements is understandable due to the weather condition earlier during the day, but what has aggravated the situation is how the staff handled the cancellation notice.

    Passengers have been advised to board the bus at the leftmost gate of the terminal which would bring us to the ticketing office. While it is the standard procedure of other airlines to allow pregnant women & those with children to board first, this was not the case. As a result, most of those stranded in are those carrying infants and children. To further add insult to injury, after being asked to wait for another bus to bring us to such ticketing office, we were finally advised that no such bus would arrive and we should just settle our rebooking or refund at the check-in counters.

    (2) Absence of fair compensation to the affected passengers. The night before the flight, I got a call from one of your customer representatives regarding the 5-hour delay of the flight due to the situation of your aircrafts. I have shared with her my gratitude for taking time to advise us of such long delay, and also my frustration for not being allowed to be transferred to other airlines (with the company shouldering the fare difference).

    And when the flight was finally cancelled at 2000H, the same remuneration could not be provided. While refund could be availed, this could not compensate for the fare difference should we decide to transfer to another airline. The earliest flight available that your company can shoulder is the regular flight of the following day, which is 24 hours later than the original schedule that we have booked. And should this option be considered, accommodation of the affected passengers could not be provided. I understand the limitations of your business model being a low-cost carrier, but even other LCCs offer such assistance.

    (3) Ground personnel blaming the lack of just compensation to the Management. What is even more frustrating is your ground personnel admitting that they cannot do much in granting what we have requested because of the decision of the higher-ups. I understand that they have to do this to protect themselves in front of the passengers who are grieving, but this seems very unprofessional. Instead of being ambassadors of your airline, blame is put on the management. Consequently, the total brand image of your airline is shattered.

    Should your or any of your representatives wish to discuss these in detail with me, I would happy to do so. I can be reached via…

    Thanks and regards.

  • MYLA


  • Denies Argarin

    Hey guys,

    It seems that the Most Refreshing Airline is really adding ZEST in the AIR!

    I had a similar incident with this fucking Zest Air. I made a Mla-Nga-Mla booking on line for November 26-28. 3 days prior my departure, i got a call informing me that they are cutting their flight frequency to Naga and their service would only be available M-W-F; in short my flyt’s affected. I was given an option though; get a FULL REFUND or change dates. I told the guy that my dates are not flexible since I’m flying to Cebu on the 29th (via PAL bus class) and that I shouldn’t be inconvenienced by any management changes they’ll be implementing. Una, na charge na ako sa credit card, pangalawa, the dates were made available online so dapat they should serve their clients right! Anyway, i requested for a change airline which the agent gladly said yes but to my account. Diba, talagang nang iinis! Kasi daw wala naman sa options yun. So I said ” option ko ba yun as your client or option nyo lang?” I demanded to talk to the manager but instead, he said that he’ll raise the concern to their manager and will just give me another call within the day.

    True to his words, i got a call from the same guy (Nov 22, 7pm) just to let me know na FULL REFUND lang or CHANGE DATES at wala ng iba. That really freaked me out! I demanded to speak to his manager, read this:

    Agent: ” sir, if you want to talk to the manager, you can call our customer service hotline.”

    ME: No! Don’t tell me to call them, ask them to call me! Ako ang kliyente ako ang patatawagin mo! Sobrang hassle tong ginagawa nyo sa akin!

    Agent: ” Sir, wala pong tatawag sa inyo, dapat kayo po ang tumawag sa kanila.”

    Me: “Putang ina! Ganyan ba talaga kayo dyan?! Tell the manager to call me!”

    I waited but they didn’t bother to call. I sent an e-mail instead airing my sentiments and my frustrations because i don’t think i deserved to treated that way. The CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGER was fast to send a reply. And here it was:

    Dear Ms. Argarin,

    I will refer you to the Ticketing and Reservations Manager for your concern.
    Thank you for bearing with us.

    Best Regards,

    Ms. Jo Trinidad
    Customer Relations Manager

    O diba ang sweet! Naturingang manager pero walang ginawa kundi nag forward lang. Ni hindi manlang nag effort na ipacify ang kliyente. The nerve of the lady to use her title CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGER! I just wonder how she leads her people.

    Calling the attention of Jo Trinidad; you may want to attend one of my sessions of Service Excellence Plus. I also facilitate Customer Relationship Development Workshops. Hit me an e-mail lang and I would gladly include you in my class, libre na pati am/pm snacks and lunch!

    Anyway, after that I didn’t hear nything anymore; so I sent a follow up e-mail. Thats the only time I got a call from their reservations and ticketing office. As usual, they gave me the lame excuse na kesyo mali daw ang e-mail na pinadalhan ni Jo kaya walang feedback. Hindi ba naman tanga, kaupisina nya hindi nya alam ang tamang e-mail add. In fairness, the two ladies were nice. Meg the Reservations and Ticketing Manager even made a follow up call pero wala din naman nagawa. I just got tired of raising my concern coz wala naman silang ginagawa to DELIGHT their clients. Even if Meg facilitated the refund, hindi parin enough yun para sa pambabastos na ginawa nila sa akin. I asked for a written apology letter signed by any of their corporate officers pero until now wala pa din. I guess its their style and way para mapagod na lang ang mga binastos nilang kliyente at manahimik na lang.

    Nakakapanghinayang lang coz I thought ZEST Air will be different, pero wala syang pinag iba sa BULOK NA SERBISYO katulad ng CEBU PACIFIC at PAL! Naaawa ako sa mga pasaherong nakaranas ng ganitong KABASTUSAN sa kanila.

    Sana the owner can read all these so they could do something about all these concerns before its too late. Baka magising na lang sila isang araw, magsasara na sila dahil wala ng gustong mag book. Remember, ilang beses na kayong nag overshoot sa runway! Hmmm….

    Advise ko lang, think twice if you will do your booking with Zest Air… They may offer the cheapest (take note of the word CHEAP, sa lahat ng aspeto applicable sa Zest Air and word na CHEAP!) fare but think of your SAFETY and CONVINIENCE.. . .

    They don’t know the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE, CUSTOMER CENTRIC, CUSTOMER LOYALTY AND CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP. Wala sa Mission at Vision nila ang mag create ng ADVOCATES who’ll say something good about their service, instead the opposite…

    Lastly, change your on hold music and remove the word CARE simply because you don’t know what the word means!

  • bella

    BULLSHIT ZESTAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont ever ever dare na sumakay sa pesteng ZESTAIR “refreshing airline” kuno na to. especially kapag importante ang lakad mo. kahit nag daing na isda mabubulok sa pesteng delayed at cancelled madalas na ginagawa nila. sasabihin lang nila technical problem daw. no detailed information silang ibibigay. Teka sabi nila bagong bili daw ung mga eroplano nila, san nyo po nabili? sa ASIAN SPIRIT na sprit na lng matitra sayo kapag sumakay ka dito. meron bang bagong bili na madalas sira? pesteng technical problem yan! baka naman MARKETING STRATEGY! gusto nilang e compressed or mixed up ung mga pasahero today para sa flight nila bukas kase lugi cla. Haaaaayyy eto pa ang delay nila hindi lng isang oras! October 31, 2009 MLA to PPS ang flight ko 3:20pm flight schedule dapat daw 2 hrs before the flight don ka na. aha! 5:30pm p pala kmi makakaboarding dahil delayed. inexpect namin bago magpasakay ang eroplano dapat me clearance na sila na ayos ang makina nila at lahat lahta. aba! 7:10pm asa eroplano p rin kami at me inaayos daw sa bababa. in short asa Manila terminal kami habang ang pwet ng eroplano e galaw ng galaw, sobra ka pa sa batang pinapatulog sa galaw ng eroplano nlia, ayy oo nga pala syempre me nagtatrabaho nga s a baba eh. buti na rin kesa naman sa himpapawid pa atakihin tong eroplano na to e malamang dedo n kmi ngayon.
    Me pasaherong nagtanong; di nyo pa ba kami pabababain? kung hindi, e di pakainin nyo na lng kmi ng dinner. imagine ung mga bata inagugutom na! susmaryusep wag nyo naman silang igaya sa sikmura nyo.
    7:20pm na realized nilang pababain na lng kami, and wait for advise adw if derecho ang flight to PPS, ganon? parang bike lang kung mag repair ng eroplano.?
    e2 na tinanong ko ung staff nila sa lobby if magpapakain sila at sabi “sori po walang pagkain” haaayyy kung exacto pala ang pera mo mamatay k ditong dilat ang mata. balahaahahh blaaaahhh daming argument! kung pwede lng lumubog sa kahihiyan ng representative nila malamang nagunaw na sya sa bwisit ng mga pasahero. In short pinakain naman kmi ng (ewan! wag n lang ewww!)
    e2 pa ala hotel accomodation na ibibigay, di daw approved ng management at kailangan ilabas ang mga bagahe dahil magsasara daw ang airport ng 12MN? gannoooon? e san matuitulog ang mga rescheduled nyong pasahero? sa labas? sa passengers waiting area na malamok at pagnakatulog ka ala na rin ang gamit mo? haayayay asan na ba talaga ang mga kaluluwa nitong mga taga zestair! mamatay na sana ang nakaisip ng stratehiyang ito.
    Me kapalpakan pa uli pag dating sa refund, grabe! ala n yatang katapusan tong kapalpakan ng mga tao d2. syempre mahaba ang pila me rebooking me refund! aba pagdating ba naman sa gitna (10:00PM) ala nadaw PERA para sa magrerefund kaya balik n lng bukas! ano? another pamasahe naman. BWISIT!
    To hell with them. kung gusto mong magkaroon ng heart problem. TRY nyong mag transac dito sa zestair. HIGHLY recommended. di mo na kailangang uminon ng lason dedo ka kaagad.
    GOOD LUCK everyone!

  • Manny


  • Karachi Hotel

    This is good news for the Asian and all the Europeans peoples that the Air successfully flies to 13 Philippine destinations.But i am still confused that where is the address.

  • http://yahoo imelda vicencio

    zest air sucks!!! that’s all i can say. they have no regards to their customers needs. Eden we have a similar experience with this zest airline. hope someone will do something about it! will not recommend this airline to anyone!

  • amerigo

    Good day….

  • eden

    I hate hate HATE ZESTAIR and here’s why.

    I made a booking via ZestAir’s website last JUNE 20 for a DAVAO – CEBU – DAVAO flight for 9 passengers departing August 22, 2009. ZestAir’s website is a bit weird. If you enter more than 1 passenger, it will give you a higher class/fare. So I booked us each separately — meaning 9 Record Locators, 9 different transactions, 9 different e-tickets, to avail of the lowest possible fares.

    My credit card statement came, and BEHOLD. I was charged 10 transactions. This is the beginning of my ZESTAIR TORMENT. I called their customer care center and they put me on hold COUNTLESS TIMES, and long enough for the machine to cut me off. Which meant I had to call again LONG DISTANCE, talk to ANOTHER CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE.

    Some time last July, Cebu Pacific had a promo, and 3 of our companions cancelled their bookings with Zest to transfer to CebPac. So now I’m left with 7 charged (and paid for) bookings — with only 6 passengers.

    I still haven’t gotten feedback regarding this. Until last SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 2009 — or so I thought. ZESTAIR called me, but not to inform me that they found the double charge. No. They called me, 14 days from my flight, to inform me that OUR FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED.

    “Sorry Ma’am, all flights are cancelled until October. We can either refund your ticket or rebook your flight to October.” That was all I got.

    I demanded to speak with a supervisor because I would not accept that they simply give me a REFUND for the cancellation. Of course, this is an immense hassle for us. It is NOT my problem that they cancel our flight. It SHOULD NOT be my problem and expense to book another flight.

    ZESTAIR only has one DVO – CEBU – DVO flight daily. So when I spoke with the customer service agent that afternoon, her other alternative was that we fly DAVAO – MANILA – CEBU. Ano sila, hilo? Was I supposed to thank them for that offer?! That offer is ridiculous because the DVO – MNL flight departs at 4AM and the MNL – CEB flight departs at 8AM. *Cheers Zestair! you are the best in taking care of customers!* We get a cancelled flight, and in return you offer us a tour of LUZON, VISAYAS, AND MINDANAO in 6 Hours! Take note that we have to be in the airport 2 hours before our flight, so the entire “tour” will last 8 hours! You should promote this!!! NOT.

    I asked to speak with whoever has the authority to fix my problem. And today I got a call from their manager/supervisor, some Jocelyn Tolentino, who offered me 3 alternatives:
    * A Refund ( of P980 each! *woah I’m rich!!!*)
    * DVO-MNL-CEBU flight (PILIPINAS in 8 hours, san ka pa?)
    * Rebooking our flight to OCTOBER. (I forgot to ask if this was free of charge though. harhar)

    She also mentioned that there is nothing they can do because company policy says they cannot transfer us to another airline. Because their management is incredibly generous (this is nothing but sarcasm, of course) they also booked us via Cebu Pacific (everyone, kindly give them a round of applause) and making us pay for it.

    Who wouldn’t be a disgruntled customer?! To those who know me, you know that I have travelled A LOT. This had been, by far, my worst airline experience. I don’t know why I even bothered to make a booking via this airline.

    Now, let me ask you, is there any establishment out there who can beat this kind of service? Would you like to fly on an airline who treats customers this way?! I don’t think so. Tell your friends.

    Eden Siason

  • Vic Samuel

    Can you advise me if you will be flying to Pagadian when the airport reopens in Sept. I f so can you also let me know Flt schedules
    Regards Vic Samuel

  • kae
  • manager

    what is the address in this airlines? tnx

  • manager

    what is the address in this airlines?

  • ramon araquel

    where are the 13 destinations of zestair?

  • elaine

    sounds more like zest-o.
    why did they change the name? asian spirit sounds good enough. if they need a fresh brand they could have done it some other way.

  • candy

    Zest Air Davao was really great in handling us when our flight was cancelled. The other airline should envy Zest Air for the professional and polite manner of the staff in Davao.

    More power !

  • mervie

    please update me of your promos fare monthly.thanks!

  • lalaine

    Just want to inform ZEST AIR that my hard cover travelling bag was broken and until now no action still taken. I reported in your ticketing Office in domestic, (C/o Ms. tammy arao. Hope u take action also.

  • jay

    may i ask if there is a promo flight going to purto princesa? reply ASAP…tnx

  • mitch

    where can we go for the ticketing offices of this new zest-air??? can u also publish this in air.. tv or newspaper.. last day i only heard this of my neighborhood, all of his family went to province last hollyweek.. is there have any promo????

  • mr jeryo maceda

    update me always on your promo flight…thanks….!!!

  • mister_yoso0027

    I’m just wondering if they are giving free Zest-O snack packages. 😀

  • John in Austria

    Thanks for the info. I wondered where they had gone (Asian Spirit, that is!).