Wifi on Air Coming Soon

According to recent news, wireless internet service is starting to spread among airlines in the United States. Delta and American Airlines have installed it on more than a dozen planes each, and several other carriers are planning to test it.

Although some business flyers are happy about the additional services, a flight attendants’ union has expressed growing apprehensions and concerns over the inevitable technology that terrorists could use their connection to plot or launch attacks. Not only that, there are concerns about how flight attendants will be able to monitor and handle the usage if lets say a customer fails to lower the volume of his earphones while watching YouTube, or if a customer watches porn in the net and the person seated beside him complains… And there is the inescapable fact that one of the last places on earth to get away from it all can now be turned into a mobile office.There are also the concern over fees since wifi on air is not free. On Delta, service is $9.95 for a flight of three hours or less, $12.95 for a longer flight.

I wonder how long it will take for our local carriers to offer wifi on air. Judging by the increasing number of laptop, smartphone toting travelers in the Philippines, I think this inevitable technology will be welcomed here. Cost might be another issue altogether, but for the sake of discussion, how much are you willing to pay to stay online even on air? Would you like to be “reachable” even while traveling? Do you think this would encourage more productivity for business travelers?

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