Ways to Save on Travel

With the summer break coming up, I surmise it wouldn’t hurt to start planning for the summer break. How do you usually begin planning for a trip? I usually begin mine with my budget. If I have more money to spend, then I begin my search for trips possibly to prestigious resorts in the country (read: Panglao Island Nature Resort, Balesin) or somewhere off the beaten track (read: Bolinao, Rizal Beach: Gubat, Sorsogon, or Pagudpod)

Here are Ways to Save on Travel

Tweak your itinerary and save. Departing very early or very late in the day can mean a much lower airfare, as can flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sundays are the costliest for domestic flights; Saturdays for international travel. Using the nearest airport can also save you a lot. Being flexible applies to hotels as well, particularly at those that host business travelers during the week.

Check airlines’ websites. Have you tried booking yourself using the online facilities of Cebu Pacific or even Philippine Airlines? Even the biggest shipping companies in the country have their online facilities now. Using these facilities will help you determine the cost of your air or ship fare right away. Not only that, for example at Aboitiz’s Super Ferry, travel goers using the online facilities shall get the lowest available fare. Not only that, you can also check the airlines and shipping companies most recent promos and partnerships with hotels and resorts. For example, sailing with Super Ferry on your birthday will get you discounts equal to your age!

Fly early to arrive on time. Just as I mentioned above, leaving earlier will save you money, but also time. Not only that, you will beat the heat at the check in counters in the airport.

Don’t overpack. For example in Cebu Pacific, you actually get a discount of P200 if you are traveling without any luggage. Ofcourse, going on a holiday would mean lagging a bag along your necessaries, but be careful not to exceed the airlines’ baggage limit especially if you are traveling internationally. We do not want you throwing away some stuff at the airport like our friend Yuga in order to go within the luggage weight limit! 🙂 Or like me who ended up paying up to 21,000 baht or U$700 for excess baggage in Survarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. So heed my advice, if your hotel room has a weighing scale, use it to weigh your baggages prior to leaving for the airport. Or you can check with your hotel concierge services and ask if they have a scale somewhere. Its better to be prepared than sorry.

Negotiate with hotels. Sometimes when the hotel is not too full, the front desk can actually give free upgrade. Not only that, you can also ask for more discounts and even additional perks through the front desk. Just don’t be afraid to ask and inquire while checking in.

Use a travel agent for your cruise. Some travel agents especially those accredited by your cruise line can offer you discounts. This is why is pays to research first or even ask those who has traveled or use those agencies before making your booking. Sometimes, it pays to know your travel agent.

Skip the ship to shore call. This is for those who travel by sea. It would definitely save you some if you skip going to shore. Souvenir shops near the ports or even in airports can be expensive. You will definitely get cheaper souvenirs if you buy them in your destination’s local market.

Pay by credit card. Paying with a credit card will earn you extra miles or even cash back if you use the right cards. Not only that, some hotels and resorts give discounts to certain credit cards they have tie up with.

For more Ways to Save on Travel, visit the Consumer Report Website.

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