Balesin : Paradise

Balesin might just be another Boracay in the making, with one difference… the best beachfront in owned by one corporation ran by the Tordesillas family. Formerly a family hideaway, Balesin is now opened to people who seek tranquility and relaxation. My family’s trip to Balesin happened years ago, and I only have the opportunity to share it right now. The trip was memorable and exciting because it was our first chartered flight. It is advisable to arrange for 3-5 days stay in since the cost of transportation is expensive. There is actually an alternative and more inexpensive route through Quezon, and you can check out Anton’s blog for the details on that.

We left Manila at 10am and took off at Air Ad’s Hangar. Boarding a tiny 6-seater Chessna was something else all together, but the flight was swift and uneventful apart from a brief drizzle. Our Chessna landed on a grassy tarmac that can also accomodate any 40 seater aircraft. Our group were greeted by the resort manager and 3 tag-alongs who helped us with our luggage. I have been to quite a number of resorts in the country, but Balesin was a unique experience altogether.

The cabana given to us can very well accomodate 2 families because it has 2 bedrooms. Each cabanas have the comforts of home without the usual diversion of technology like television. The room has its own screened lounge area and toilet and bath.The rooms are simple but cozy. People traveling with children and nannies will have no trouble finding out things to do since the place has its own pool, a very safe and clean beachfront (and yes with fine white sand).

So what is there to do in Balesin? The resort has a 6-hole golf course, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and even its own landing strip because Balesin can only be reached by charter planes and are usually arranged through Air Ads. The resort have bikes and it is safe to stroll around. The resort is quite flexible and other reasonable requests can be accomodated. We had alot of fun doing boardgames during night time and the resort made bonfires for the children. We also had a great time fishing using the boat of the resort for half a day. We also played tennis and goofed around the golf course .

The packages in Balesin are all inclusive of accomodation and food. Each meal are made fresh and usually comprises of seafood freshly caught by the fisherfolk in the area. Special meals can also be arranged with the kitchen management. For bookings, email to: [email protected] or call 02-8108393.

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