Weddings at San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila

The San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila is one historic church where hundreds and hundreds of weddings are held each year. A favorite location for Metro Manila couples exchanging vows, the San Agustin Church has also become a tourist attraction whenever there are ceremonies going on.

San Agustin Church
This church is actually the 3rd generation structure build on this location. The original one was the first religious structure built by the Spanish in Luzon back in 1571. Since it was only made of bamboo and nipa, it was completely destroyed by fire in 1974. The second one, also built in wood went down in flames in 1583.

San Agustin Intramuros San Agustin Intramuros San Agustin Intramuros

The current structure of the San Augustin Church which you can see now inside Intramuros in Manila was built in 1586 and was competed in 1607. Essentially, the current building is more than 400 years old.

San Agustin Intramuros

Today, the San Augustin Church stands as one of the oldest churches found in Metro Manila. Grand weddings are held here almost every weekends and the hallways and monastery attached on the side are filled with antiques and memorabilias.

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  • enajharaz

    Is it true that Father Blanco’s Garden is close. A lot were saying that this was a good place for the reception especially if you wanted a garden theme.

  • kikaytaray

    Nagpareserve kami dito for our wedding in 2010.

    The venue costs 23k. reservation is 7k, 16k k is payable a month before the wedding. If you have a really good date in mind or if you’re planning an afternoon or evening Saturday wedding on peak months, better reserve a year in advance.

    Father Blanco’s Garden is already closed daw since 2008. Inner Courtyard’s fee is 30k, 15k ang down. Hiwalay ang bayad dito sa Church.

    Here are the contact numbers:
    Church-5274052 / 5272746
    Inner Courtyard/Museum – 5274060/5274061

    Please take note that I’m in no way affiliated with the church or the museum. As said, nagpareserve kami for our Dec 2010 wedding kaya alam ko. =)

  • evh

    Can you help us know thier current wedding cost? Is their available venue for reception provided by the church?

  • ditas

    Bastos mga usherette dito at masusungit. beware!

  • Nikka

    I really love this church can u plss help me to get the telephone number of San agustin please

  • Jocelyn

    Hi! I’ll appreciate if anyone can share an idea how much it is to hold a wedding in San Agustin Church and rent for the inner court yard for our reception. Thanks.

  • bim

    “A friend told me about this place in Clark, Pampanga, called Clearwater that is really romantic place for a garden-style wedding. Can someone tell me how to get some more information about this place?”

  • olivia

    Hi, I just want to inquire kung magkano ang magpa book para sa wedding dito sa San Agustin Church?

    Thanks alot.

  • ypc

    Share ko lang po, nagpareserve kami for our wedding last January and ung rate nila is 23K for the wedding. Ung Fr. Blanco’s Garden i think closed na ata cya, un ang sabi sa amin nung nag tanong kami. Meron din sila inner courtyard, okay din siya, maganda.

  • mae

    may i know how much magpabook sa san agustin?

  • nikki

    Hi, just wanted to ask how much is the rate to be wed here in san agustin church?wats included in it? and wats the rate also for reception at Fr. Blanco’s garden? thank you.

  • Jo

    Hi Belle or anyone who would like to share info regarding weddings at San Agustin. fees, requirements, reception at Fr. Blanco’s garden.. would be deeply greatful. Thank you in advance..

  • Joanna

    Hi belle, jan ka kinasal??im planning to have my wedding at san agustin..magkano kaya bayad??

  • http://yahoo. belle

    dito poh ako ikinasal

  • Jeff

    Great pictures. Weddings like these really are wonderful :)
    Great job

  • viper01

    The picture on top gives a creep.heheheh…for those who are looking for directory info on different recreations and leisure in the philippines…visit

  • Fountain Tours

    Very beautiful place, it seems full immersion in the past.

  • Karina

    much more than the weddings, maganda rin iyong museums nila.

  • Melody

    how much does san agustin church charges for weddings?

  • Payls

    mag kano kaya bayad pag sa ganitong mga simbahan … Maganda talaga..

  • Ashy

    I really enjoy your blog, keep it up!

  • Marianne

    The top picture haunts me . . .

  • Ar-wee-der-yet

    Naalala ko nakapag ringbearer pako dto sa San Agustin :) hehehe

  • David B Katague

    What is the procedure if one wants to schedule a wedding at the above cathedral?. Is the church accepting couples from US who wants to get married in the Philippines?.

  • Kelly

    Very creative framing! Nice!