Cebu Sinulog 2009 Festival Schedule

The country’s biggest festival is set to take the center stage once again. The Cebu Sinulog Festival features scores of contingents coming from within and outside Cebu. Sinulog is prayer dance ritual characterized by the movement of two steps forward and one step backward imitating the rush of the river, hence, its name.

Lumad Basakanon, Cebu Sinulog Festival

The grand parade of Sinulog Festival of Cebu is usually held on the third Sunday of January, but other activites are held prior to the grand highlight light the fluvial parade, search of the Sinulog Festival queen, the Sinulog sa Baranggay, Sinulog sa Lalawigan, the nine-day novena and a whole lot more.

Many dance troupes have actually started their dance rehearsals as early as now. Last year’s Sinulog Festival Free Interpretation Category Champion, Lumad Basakanon have actually confirmed that they are now rehearsing their dance routine for the Sinulog Festival 2009

Check the Sinulog 2009 Schedule for details

Upcoming Events

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    • Great festival with good people, delicious food and numerous sites to see..

    • Yeah. This is one of the most awaited festivals in Cebu City and probably in Philippines. You would really feel that the people are united in celebrating the feast of Sr. Sto. Niño. Viva Pit Señor!!!. I am inviting all the visitors/guests and all people in the world to see this fantastic celebration and visit us our apartment just a walking distance from the Mactan Airport. San’s Space Apartment – Mahayahay Bankal – Lapu-lapu City. or visit our site @ http://www.sansspaceapartment.com for online reservation. See you there!

    • great place n festival of dance

    • Dexter

      Viva Pit Señor – The real cultural feast of the country.

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    • It is no doubts that Sinulog is the mother of all festival in the Philippines.

    • nice place to see

    • Lito Ramos

      Luzon retailers join Sinulog bazaar
      Monday, January 12, 2009

      A NUMBER of retailers from Luzon are in Cebu, hoping for higher sales after bazaars in Metro Manila failed to rise to their expectations during the holidays.

      “In Metro Manila, after the holidays, the market is flat,” said Lilibeth Ducut-Abais, managing director of L.A. Ducut and Co. Inc., during the opening of the 10th Sinulog Export Overruns and Consumer Bazaar yesterday at the SM City Trade Hall.

      Arroyo Watch: Sun.Star blog on President Arroyo

      “In Cebu, because of the Sinulog (festival), consumer spending continues,” she added.

      Danilo Ceblano, whose company had participated in nine Sinulog bazaars organized by L.A. Ducut, said his firm has always made good business in Cebu.

      Ceblano, together with his wife, are proprietors of Ceblano’s Burdang Lumban, a manufacturer of hand-embroidered garments based in Laguna.

      Aside from sales during the festival, Ceblano said his company had established contacts with Cebu-based buyers that have continued to order from Ceblano’s Burdang Lumban.

      “We really earn here in Cebu,” Ceblano said.

      The bazaar, organized by L.A. Ducut, bridges the sellers to the Cebuano market. “In the past 10 years, the trade fair has (helped) manufacturers test the Cebu market,” she said.

      “Cebu continues to be an attractive destination not just for big brands but also to retailers,” Abais noted.

      The Department of Trade and Industry in Marinduque also sent one of its One Town, One Product (Otop) participants to join the Sinulog bazaar.

      Gener Nilo, production designer for Text and Images, said it is the company’s first time to join the bazaar but he believes that he will have strong sales in Cebu because of the many balikbayan (overseas Filipinos who have come back the Philippines) and tourists who come to Cebu for the Sinulog festival.

      Text and Images manufactures fashion accessories, lamps, pen holders, key chains and other novelty items adorned with a preserved butterfly species that is only found in Marinduque.

      This year, the bazaar is able to pool in at least 100 participants selling garments, food products, fashion accessories, furniture, novelty items and regional products like native delicacies.

      “The consumers can see more than what is in Cebu in terms of taste and comfort,” Abais said.

      The bazaar is open daily until Jan. 19. (DME)

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    • Nice place to see

    • Hey! Searched your site for some Cebu sights to visit, and I found out that most of the posts are on festivals, particularly Sinulog.

      This link might help your readers in going around Cebu.

      Great blog you have here. I especially like the travel photos. Keep it up! 🙂

    • With the commission on audit pulling the funds out from the Sinulog foundation, there is stilla question as to whether or not the Sinulog will be as grand as before. This remains to be seen 🙂

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