Cebu Pacific Air moves to NAIA 3 Terminal

Cebu Pacific is moving its entire operation to NAIA Terminal 3 starting August 1, 2008 and will mark the event with a system- wide seat sale.

Fly from Manila – Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau and Saigon or from Cebu to Hong Kong and Singapore for as low as P888!

Fly Manila to Laoag, Legaspi, Naga, San Jose, Tuguegarao or Cebu to Bacolod, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro and Iloilo for only P699 – ALL IN!

Fly from Manila to Bacolod, Caticlan, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Kalibo, Puerto Princesa, Roxas, Tacloban, Tagbilaran or from Cebu to Caticlan, Clark, Davao, General Santos, Puerto Princesa and Zamboanga, or Davao to Iloilo, Zamboanga for as low as P999 – ALL IN!

Travel from Manila to Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog, General Santos, and Zamboanga for only P1499 – ALL IN!

Seat Sale starts now until 05 August 2008 and is valid for travel beginning 01 September to 17 December 2008. This promo is non-refundable.

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  • Sheryll

    Is your seat sale is still available? thanks

  • Sohie

    Hi, In Cebu, there is a place in Mactan International Airport where we can leave our luggage for a fee. Is there something like this in Terminal 3?


  • concern jessica

    im reporting about an inccident happened at terminal3 naia. my husband and i went to cebu for vacation. but that was not it. its about 6:00am when we depart at naia3. i ask my husband to fix all luggage for me. coz i have to go to the bathroom.. meanwhile when we about to land to cebu i ask my husband, how much did u pay for the excessive weight? he said 3,800pesos.and i was like did got the receit? he said.. no! the lady did gave nothin. then i start to panic. i thought im havin problem with not having a receit. pilipino din kasi ako.. porket ba americano ang husband ko e kailangan ganyanin natin mga pilipino? tama bang hindi mag bigay ng resibo? ako ang nahihiya kasi para sa husband ko. ayaw kong maging panget ang tingin nila satin dito. tama ba ang site na pinuntahan ko para mag sumbong? o kailangan ko pa mag hanap ng ibang pag susumbungan? sana mabigyan nyo ako ng update/resulta sa inccident na to.. paki email ako sa result. maraming salamat at more power sa cebu pacific.

  • Dawn

    Where Is NAIA 3? How will I get there if im Coming from PrAñque?

  • Bruce in Iloilo

    You can go to Taft Ave station of either the LRT or MRT. Or you can take the MRT and get off one stop from Taft.

    There are jeepneys run by NIAA that go between the various terminals and the light rail stations, but I don’t know which ones.

    Unfortunately, the powers-that-be at the airport have not made it easy or cheap to get to and from the airport. They have over-regulated access by public transportation and taxis, driving up the cost, and giving themselves more bribing opportunities.

  • acy

    how can i go to naia 3 if i commute?i will come from cubao..whats is more advisable to ride, lrt o mrt??after the shuttle, wats next to ride?pls help me..tnx

  • marius

    what are other international flights operating at the new NAIA Terminal 3

  • patricia i. sta. maria

    i would just like to report an incident for what its’s worth, though i don’t think cebu pacific had anything to do with it. anyway, on the morning of oct. 17, 2008, my sister and i went to NAIA-3 for our cebu pacific flight to tacloban city. my attention was called by a lady guard because of something in my bag detected by the x-ray, which were four embutidos wrapped separately in foil inside a plastic bag. i was asked to leave them, and i did, but said my son would get them later that day. when my son went to NAIA-3 to get them, they were no longer in the place where all confiscated items were stored. the guard on duty said that their shifts were already changed and that he did not know where these were. so, my son had to leave without them. the points here are, my son took the trouble of driving such a long way from quezon city, the gasoline wasted, plus the fact that since he works nights in a techno facility, the sleep deprived him. are there airline rules on which food can be brought on board or not? i thought i could bring those embutidos since they were cooked, and besides this bag where i placed them was checked in. thank you

  • Bengee MV

    Is your direct fleight to Hanoi still active? I’m asking because it is not mentioned in the list when you transferred to NAIA 3, only Saigon and other countries were mentioned. Please advise.

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  • irene yu

    i got into this site because i was looking for a telephone number that i can call.
    cebu pacific has moved to naia 3, what number can i call to confirm flights arrivals and departures knowing that flight delays are common.

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  • Nonoy

    The recently much publicized fiasco with Cebu Pacific’s operations at the NAIA 3 comes as no surprise to me, even though I did not hear a similar incident involving Philippine Airlines when it moved into the new terminal. Let me relate a lamentable experience I had with Cebu Pacific in Hong Kong on the night of January 3 this year so I may drive my point better. Please excuse the rather detailed narration.

    I arrived at the entrance of the Hong Kong International Airport on or about 6:30 pm, and casually made my way to the check-in counters believing my Cebu Pacific flight to Manila is at 9:25 pm. But I would be horrified to learn on reexamining my e-ticket, just as the check-in counters for the 7:25 pm flight closed, that my flight is in fact at 7:25 pm. I had confused my arrival time in Manila for my departure time from Hong Kong!

    It was probably not even a minute since the check-in counters closed when I approached Cebu Pacific counters to ask their personnel to let me check in on my original flight, but they adamantly refused. Deciding to take full responsibility for what happened, I finally agreed after much pleading to pay HK$1,150 to cover the no-show charge of HK$250 plus the rebooking charge of HK$250 plus the fare differential.

    I flew Cebu Pacific to take advantage of its less costly fares, thereby minimizing my travel expenses for this personal trip as my budget is limited. Having to part therefore with HK$1,150 for being one minute late can be difficult. Yet while walking away from the check-in counter after being rebooked for the next flight, I still managed to call out to the Cebu Pacific personnel who arranged my rebooking to thank him, even though he had in fact raised his voice at me at one point while I was appealing to be allowed to check in for my original flight to avoid the surcharge. I remember telling my wife afterwards that we should be magnanimous in all things, good or bad, then resolving to put this experience behind me—until I arrived at my boarding gate.

    The flight to which I was rebooked for being late one minute checking in for the previous flight, was delayed forty minutes! (I wonder if the flight I missed was delayed as well.) This was still an improvement though on the roughly hour-long delay in my Cebu Pacific flight going to Hong Kong two weeks previously, as if it was any consolation. (I remembered passengers moaning in unison when the delay was announced during this earlier occasion.) I then recalled other times in the past, when my Cebu Pacific flights, both domestic and international, were delayed despite the airline’s erstwhile positioning as being always on-time. On each of these times, all that Cebu Pacific can do by way of mollifying its disgruntled passengers was to say that it is sorry. But I think it should be taking more responsibility for the delays in its flights, just as it makes its passengers take more, even costly, responsibility for being late checking in.

    What is more, I also remembered agreeing to defer for forty-five minutes my check-in for a flight to Manila in June last year on the request of Cebu Pacific check-in personnel also in Hong Kong, so they can rebook me to a later flight at no cost to me as they had thought my original flight had been overbooked, only to be told after that forty-five minutes had elapsed that rebooking me would not be necessary anymore. Yet last January 3, when it was Cebu Pacific’s turn to do me a favor, they cannot. I cannot help seeing the irony in this.

    Once, I had been late ten minutes checking in for a domestic flight, this time with Philippines Airlines. The check-in counters had already closed but a check-in clerk had still managed to let me in on the flight. Although you might argue that it is because it had “only” been a domestic flight, I still tend to view it as Philippine Airlines being willing to go the extra mile for its passengers. In contrast, Cebu Pacific could not even go the extra minute.

    And it would get worse. My Cebu Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Manila last April 1 would be delayed 3 hours, the longest delay I’ve experienced yet. Now, there are these delays at the NAIA 3, which if I heard right took as long as 13 hours.

    An airline would have great difficulties adjusting to a new terminal if its operations is just inherently poor.

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  • Abe

    I think they will sell franchise to taxi operators to ply that route. Just like NAIA 1 & 2.

  • Bruce in Iloilo

    But will they have a metered taxi lane?

    I preferred to fly into the old domestic terminal because there was a metered taxi lane. We did not have to scramble for a taxi or pay extortionist coupon taxis, like we do at the PAL and international terminals.

    Is the new terminal tourist friendly like the old? Or is it anti-tourist like PAL and the old international terminal?

    In general, I hate the Manila airport. It is scam-central. Other such airports worldwide have made great efforts to be tourist and traveler friendly, with metered taxis and nice restaurants and shopping that charge non-airport prices, and without the absurd departure tax that you have to pay IN CASH AT THE AIRPORT