FREE Surfing at Burnham Lake, Baguio!

That’s right, dude! The latest thing in Baguio: Surfing at the Burnham Lake!

Internet surfing, that is 😉

My surfer dude nanay picked up a story from Baguio’s local paper about Free WiFi Internet access at Burnham Park. So I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised that the WiFi Hotspot DID work 😉 .

Burnham Park is now a free wireless internet access site

Photos WiFi Hotspot Surfing in Burnham Lake, Baguio

Burnham Park is the first premier public park in the entire country to become an “e-tourism park” following the launching of a Free WiFi or wireless fidelity Internet access at the park lake last March 27.

With the launching, the Burnham Park lake is now a WiFi access area, which allows residents and tourists to browse the web using their laptops, WiFi phones and other portable device to access the Internet.
Source: Baguio Midland Courier, March 30 2008

I tried the WiFi hotspot and true enough, I was able to sniff a hotspot named “MIMO” – the name of the WiFi provider.

That’s fun. Tourists will be able to check their e-mails while on vacation in Baguio. Students in Baguio will also be able to access the Internet from the park.

There’s a risk of theft if you use your laptop in such a public and open area, though. It’s probably easier to access the hotspot using a cellphone or other more portable devices. Just make sure to protect yourself from robbers, secure your valuable gadgets. The city government announced that they will deploy more guards to keep the park safe and secure.

Contact the Baguio Tourism office near the skating rink for inquiries: 0915-5586814

Thanks to Elizabeth for lending her Swan Boat — twas a rockin ride, dude! Awesome!
Contact Elizabeth, her stall has a moderate wifi signal (2 out of 5 bars): 0920-6377894, [email protected] .

More WiFi hotspots in Baguio on Technobiography >>

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  • Wow I would like to try kite surfing on that lake. Is there nice and cheap accommodation there.

  • She Aquino

    Last Feb 11,2010 a week before panagbenga festival, we moved all around the city streets of baguio from the house we were staying, just a foot walk away from SM Baguio near the Cathedral and Burnham Park. Although, inspite of the cool breeze, we mannage to jog, from our pad to the city street…during the day we spent the day strolling going to different stores, buy “pasalubongs”, boating, and at night we went to wach live bands at the deck of SM baguio where the temerature is really freezing…..the good! we planned to go there by 3rd quarter of this year.

  • gracie grace

    Im planning to go to bagiuo alone next week. still have no idea where to go. I have no itinerary yet but I’ve been there 5 times already. just wanna visit the City after 8 long years. knowing its free surfing in Burnham Park .. I am now more anxious to go there without worrying about getting online to check e-mails. Those who are going to Baguio next week, see ya there!!!

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  • missing baguio so badly…

  • It’s great….

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  • That is super cool and funny. Sitting on a big plastic swan in the middle of burnham park lake…surfing the net =D

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  • Wow you can surf for free here also. That’s great 🙂

  • Cool!!

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