Angono Rizal’s Blanco Museum

One of the most memorable moments during my recent trip to Angono in Rizal Philippines is the visit to the Blanco Family Museum. I must admit, I was so surprised at what I saw. An family that is just so blessed with all the talents in visual arts.

Blanco Museum

I was so amazed to know that one of the Blanco kids, Peter Paul has started sketching at the very young age of eleven months! Wow! It’s just pure talent that runs in the Blanco family blood. Check out the painting below. You will notice that Peter Paul can barely write his name legibly, but his artwork looks so astonishing. Looks like a work of an adult painter.

Blanco Museum

And all of them are realism painters. This means that their artworks are depicted as they appear in everyday life.

Blanco Museum

I am just so amazed at their talent. And indeed, visiting Angono will not be complete without going to the Blanco Museum.

Blanco Museum

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  • Sana makapunta ako sa museum nila. Kalapit town lang namin ang Angono.

  • kailan lang ako naka-visit sa museum nila. and you are right, nakakatuwa yung thought that yung talent nila in visual arts nanalaytay sa kanilang buong pamilya.

    nakakatuwa yung first picture…ganda ng bonding moment nila.

  • Alberto

    You have to see it yourself guys. These paintings are bigger than life. I’m fortunate enough to be the classmate of Gay. Gay is one of teh children of Mr. Jose Blanco. Visit the museum, its an experience of a lifetime!

  • can i have a copy of the picture with the whole family painting?

    i’ve done an interview with sir Michael Blanco but didn’t get the chance to take a picture of them actually painting

    i am kalvin sangalang of UP-Diliman taking up journalism and i humbly seek your permission for me to use your picture.

    hoping for your positive response.

    thank you.

  • wow. they are truly talented. i can’t believe that even the kids know how to hold a brush and paint like those in the artists’ museum. I hope i could visit them and see how beautiful their works are and of course, I be proud of them.